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Gather around. Because it’s story time! 

When I was younger, I used to figure skate competitively. I wanted to be like Michelle Kwan and make it to the olympics. I really did have the potential but being young and practicing for 12 hours a day, I eventually decided I was burnt out and I wanted to experience childhood like all the other kids I knew. That, on top of the fact I sustained multiple knee injuries at such a young age, it was time to hang up my blades. 
Although I never made it to the olympics, I had a great run. I won a silver medal that I’ll forever be proud of (it was after my first competition coming off of my first knee injury). I also learned valuable life lessons and gained the ability to predict the weather! 
As I’ve gotten older, my knees have gotten worse. I’m stubborn Taurus and want to avoid the doctor so I just deal with the pain. When it’s raining, humid or extremely cold, my knee kills! I even know when it’s about to rain because my knee will tense up and cause my extreme discomfort. But thanks to Trust Brothers CBD Oil, the pain has significantly subsided. I’ve tried knee braces, Tiger Balm and fish oil pills to help with the pain; and while are only temporary fixes but I’ve noticed a vast difference since ingesting the CBD oil. 
Facts about Trust Brothers CBD Oil: 
  • AllTrust Brothers products are made in the USA, with the highest quality ingredients, in facilities operating under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.
  • Bringing pain and stress relief to people is Trust Brothers’ top priority! CDB can help with pain relief, pain management, inflammation reduction, Crohn’s treatment, joint help, sleep support, anxiety/stress reduction, headache relief and heart health to name a few. 
  • CBD oil is completely non-psychoactive and will NOT get you high. Trust Brothers is the “Land of the FREE CBD” 0% THC (Not High, Just Healthy). 
  • The most common ways to ingest CBD oil are orally and topically. 
  • It can be used for pets too! 

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