Buy Experiences or Buy Designer

I purchased a fake Gucci belt on Amazon for $29. I was ashamed of myself at first for buying a dupe (disclaimer: this belt was purchased before the whole Gucci scandal but the company has made great strides to overcome its mistakes of poor taste) but now I wear that belt with pride.

The fake Gucci belt sat in my basket for a few days but I decided to pull the trigger after I realized I could purchase a plane ticket for the cost of a real Gucci belt. I thought to myself, you love to travel. Why not purchase experiences and look good while traveling instead of spending your hard earned money on the real thing? Honestly, the belt looks real and that’s all that matters, right?

I do enjoy certain designer bands. And I own some real and authentic pieces from these brands, but when you’ve figured out what’s important to you and where you’d prefer to spend your cash, the designer bags and shoes may take a back seat when a trip to the beach is calling your name. Some may call me a “poser” as the kids say (Is that really what they say these days? Goodness I’m getting old!) but in the words of my girl, Ariana Grande, “I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it.” I like the Gucci belt. I also like to travel. I can have both by buying the fake. Seems logical to me.

So secret’s out, friends. I have a fake Gucci belt. But will my next designer purchase be real or fake? The world may never know! 😉

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St. Patrick’s Day Fashion – Detroit Style

Welcome to Detroit ShamROCK City! Let the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day begin!

While St. Patrick’s Day is the easiest excuse shamelessly down beers and/or cocktails all day, it is also the perfect time to support local businesses. And Detroit Respect, a personal favorite of mine, has exactly what you need to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style.


Detroit Respect is a Detroit-based clothing company offering tees, hoodies, kids clothing, and accessories for those who see the good in the city of Detroit, even on holidays like good ole St. Patrick’s Day!

Since this national “drinking holiday” will fall on a Tuesday this year, I experimented with two looks that can easily take me from the office to the bar.

My Detroit Respect Detroit ShamROCK City tee can be dressed up for the office by paring it with a blazer and pumps and dressed down for happy hour with rock star sunnies and cute but comfy slip ons.


SP11 (1)

The common theme in each of these outfits are leopard print shoes because, why not?! Find your favorite stand-out accessory to jazz up your St. Patty’s Day ensemble.

To get your Detroit ShamROCK City and other Detroit Respect pieces, visit! Select from three fabulously green options including Detroit ShamROCK City, I Heart St. Patrick’s Day, and Pitch Please, I’m Drunk in Detroit

Special thanks to Colin of Detroit Respect for the awesome t-shirt and many thanks to Andrea of Developed. Photography by Andrea for braving the absolute freezing cold with me and taking these photos!

*Drink responsibly*

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Two Designers You Need to Know

I have had the privilege of attending Fashion In Detroit for three of the four years it has been in existence and I have to say, this has been its best year yet! And after attending this year’s Fashion In Detroit festivities, I feel compelled to share with you two spectacular designers: Joe Faris and Peter Soronen.

Joe Faris:

You may remember Joe Faris, creator of Fashion In Detroit, from Season 5 of Project Runway. He is back in the Motor City creating unisex collections but the detailing of his men’s garments are what really stands out. During Fashion In Detroit, Faris debuted his collection in collaboration with Dodge and I was personally in awe of the detailing on each of the male leather and bomber jackets. Cross stitching, buttons, zippers and color played key roles in the Dodge collection mixing fashion with function for a gritty Motor City feel. You can see some of his detailed work for the Joe Faris Detroit collection which will be available for purchase soon.

Joe Faris Black Leather

Joe Faris Brown Leather

Peter Soronen: 

Peter Soronen is a demi-couturier hailing from the mitten and now a designer to the stars. Soronen is known as the “Corset King” and has the ability to create impeccable dresses for women that celebrate the feminine form. At Fashion In Detroit, the crowed was in awe of his attention to patterns and fit.

PS Dress 1

PS Dress 2

Kudos to the Fashion In Detroit team for putting on a great show and exposing great designers like Jor Faris nd Peter Soronen.

Photo Credit: and

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5 Reasons Not to Miss Fashion In Detroit

I’m a Michigan girl, so naturally I’m excited for one of Detroit’s most elite fashion events – Fashion In Detroit! So if you’re in the area, be sure to clear your schedule this Saturday for a fun, fashion-forward event.

Reasons not to miss Fashion In Detroit 2014: 


1. There will be runway shows including fashions from the Adam Levine Collection plus a musical performance by Lewis Hensley! I first discovered Lewis Hensley at a different fashion event years ago and instantly became intrigued by his smooth voice. I am personally very excited that Detroit’s own Lewis Hensley will be the official performer of Fashion In Detroit 2014.

2. Market Detroit will be back for those who like to discover and shop.  Market Detroit is an interactive pop-up shop retail environment featuring local designers, retailers, vendors and entrepreneurs.

3. There will be an after glow because everyone loves a good fashion party! Sound Board at Motor City Casino will be transformed into the chic and now-famous Fashion In Detroit After Glow party attended by local celebs and fashionistas alike.

4. Fashion In Detroit will present the opportunity for lots if photo ops. From runway pics, to selfies and even group shots, there will be several reasons to snap pics throughout the night resulting in great footage for blogs, Instagrams, Facebook and more. Plus, there is a special Social Media lounge offered to bloggers and press presented by Style Shack.

5. It’s one of Detroit’s best fashion events! In its 4th year, Fashion In Detroit 2014 is a non-profit corporation established to spotlight Metro-Detroit’s fashion and it’s unique development. Developed by Joe Faris, fashion designer and Project Runway Alum, this event is held at Motor City Casino in Detroit showcasing both fashion and entertainment.

To find out more about Fashion In Detroit visit the website at

Will you be attending Fashion In Detroit at Motor City Casino?

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What I Wore: Update

Hey there F.A.Bulous readers. It’s time for another what I wore post…with a little twist.

I attended an event recently (Revolve Detroit Proposal Gallery Opening) and intended to wear the ensemble below buuuut ended up changing because I didn’t want to be too over dressed. *CONGRATS TO THE REVOLVE DETROIT WINNERS! Read on for a link and more info*

Revolve Detroit OOTD

Pink statment necklace

DSW shoes

Instead, I wore this:

Mirror pic

You may be wondering what all the writing is about, so let me explain.

Revolve Detroit is a collaborative program created to “foster the evolution and vibrancy of Detroit’s neighborhood business districts.”The event was the kick off to the future of the Livernois Avenue of Fashion restructure. Several years ago, 7 mile and Livernois in Detroit was THE hot spot for shopping and coined as the Avenue of Fashion. However, over the years the Avenue of Fashion began to fade; but with community efforts to revive the avenue with more business, entrepreneurs submitted ideas for businesses and organizations to open in the Livernois store fronts. The event revealed the top ideas (about 20 or so) where event-goers could vote for their favorites and express their thoughts and artistic abilities on the mirror (photoed above). Some ideas included a unique thrift shopping experience run by Thrifty Broads, a tea lounge and gift shop called Brew HaHa!, a non-profit bar where 100% of the proceeds would go to local charities and much more. Every idea presented has the potential to become a thriving business, whether it be created in permanent or pop-up form (some ideas were ideas for pop-up shops).I look forward to seeing which ideas are chosen to help revive the historic Avenue of Fashion!

…AND THE WINNERS ARE (click here for the official announcement)

Outfit Details:

Statement Necklace: Forever 21

Cap toe Pumps: DSW (Clearance section!)

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