Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

So you fancy, huh? But your wallet won’t let you be great? That’s not a problem at all. Here’s my brief little guide to living well on a budget.

champagne taste

Never pay full price for anything – Shop the sales rack, use coupon codes, bargain hunt and barter if you can. Sadly this summer is coming to an end so back to school deals are popping up everywhere and fall merchandise is hitting the shelves. This means SALES! Right now is the best time to stock up on end of season pieces to have in your collection for next year, and it is also a great time to pick up staple items for fall and winter.

Save, Save, Save – No matter how badly you don’t want to put a portion of your paycheck away for a raining day instead of for play, you HAVE to set aside some funds. You would be surprised how quickly cash can add up in your savings. Creating a savings will certainly help you in the long rung when there’s a big purchase you need to make or if there’s a great designer handbag you deserve. I personally recommend putting away no less than $50-$100 each paycheck. And of course, the more you can put aside, the better.

Shop in the right places – Two of my favorite stores that many may not think to shop for clothes and other goodies are Costco and Five Below. With fall approaching, I recently picked up a fleece pullover and an all-purpose fall jacket fully equipped with a hood and moisture-wicking fabric from Costco. Two quality items for a total of $40! At other retailers, the jacket alone would cost more than $40. Even Five Below has super cute kicks for $5! So be smart about where you are shopping and don’t forget unconventional places like Costco for clothing.

There are tons of ways to stay fabulous without breaking the bank. So be smart, save up, and never pay full price.

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What to Wear When You’re Running Errands

Now that the snow is finally melting and Spring is peeking at us from around the corner, it’s time to get active! I don’t know about you, but this awful winter slump has often kept me from even wanting to run simple errands like grocery shopping or stopping at the post office. But the recent 40+ degree weather we have been having here in the Detroit area is like a little glimmer of hope!


With warmer temps on rise, running errands won’t be so bad, especially when you can look cute while doing it. Check out my cute yet comfy weekend errands running ensemble with affordable pieces from DSW, Old Navy, Target and Five Below.


j6 (1)


I chose to pair my new, bold Nikes that I picked up from the clearance rack at DSW and a simple Old Navy tee, with a Target leather jacket and scarf from Five Below for warmth when there’s still a slight chill in the air.

Don’t forget that being comfortable can be fashionable, too. Stick to bold colors and prints and remember to shop where you won’t hurt your wallet. Hit up the sales rack for good deals and don’t be afraid to shop for accessories at fun places like Five Below. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can find.

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea 

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*