Monochromatic Magic

Monochromatic: Containing or using one color. It’s fashion – look it up!

But seriously, this is my first time toying with a monochrome look and I think I’m obsessed. This plum color is sleek and sexy and perfect for fall.

Of course you can play with other colors like camel and olive green; or even pink and lime green. The color wheel is your oyster!

I paired this Fashion Nova bomber jacket with a super comfy, velvet Forever 21 bodysuit with jeans and over the knee boots from Target. Each piece was purchased separately but hanging near each other in my closet, I knew I had to at least attempt the look.

Check out your closet for a monochromatic look. Let me know how you play with one color.

Steal my look:

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Fall Fashion Inspo

So let me get this straight. You guys begged for fall foliage and pumpkin spice everything and no that it’s here, you’re throwing up Christmas trees?

News flash, it’s still fall and we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving! Cool it with the jingle bells, alright?!

But really though. Fall fashions are so exciting so why rush for fancy snow boots and scarves? With this look, I hope to spark some inspiration for everyone to take back fall and not rush the holiday season. Live in the moment and enjoy your time.

Keep your reds in the back of the closet for now (red lips are OK of course) and embrace Earth tones, muted colors and deep purples.

Steal my look:

Bodysuit – Fashion Nova

Pants – Similar 

Choker – Pitaya 

Shoes – DSW

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Don’t ya forget it.

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Functional Fashion Staple: Kardashian Edition

Hi friends!

You know those pieces you get that you just cant wait to wear? Like a little black dress, a hot pair of pumps, or a camel-colored light trench? Because we’re diving right in to fall now, It’s the perfect time to pull out my light trench. This staple piece is great to dress up or down, plus it’s chic and comfy.


For this look, I channeled my inner Kardashian and paired this perfect jacket I picked up at TJ Maxx with a little black crop, and a black midi pencil skirt. To top off the look, I added a bold lip – Beso by Stila and a choker from Forever 21.


Next time you’re thinking about your wardrobe and the must-haves you need in your closet, think staple. Think about something that you’ll get use out of and, something that’s easily transitional. This light trench is great for a brisk fall day but can also be warn in the spring. Find a similar piece here.



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Swing into Fall: To be a Kid Again

Do you remember going to the park as a kid and swinging on the swings, jumping rope, and hanging from the monkey bars? Those were the good ol’ days when all we had to worry about was what flavor Capri Sun mom packed for lunch and making sure our Tamagotchis were fed. As adults, we’re tasked with worrying about things like work, budgeting, relationships, dressing ourselves, and who we’ll be voting for as the leader of the free world.


There’s no doubt that life can get chaotic. For me personally, I have had a few crazy things happen recently that made me just take a moment to sit down and do some soul-searching. So as craziness wizes around me, I’ve realized that there’s nothing wrong with going back in time and having a little fun. The next time something crazy is happening around you or in your life directly, don’t be afraid to take a moment and find a park. The free feeling of youthfulness is therapeutic and of course, fun.


Some may say this is an unconventional outfit for a day at the park considering my skirt actually did fly up a few times and I may have given a little peep show, but that’s the beauty of feeling like a kid again. Who cares? Not to mention, this fashion is a blast from the past that’s becoming popular again. This ensemble reminds me of my childhood, making time at the park a fabulous walk down memory lane.


The look: 

Faux suede button down skirt – TJ Maxx (similar)

Exposed shoulder top – H&M

Peep toe heel booties – Somewhere on the Internet 


Let go and have a little fun.

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Alyxia Leaf Jewelry

I recently entered a blog giveaway on The Moda Intersection on a whim and actually won. Thanks Rafflecopter for randomly selecting me name! My winnings arrived to my home in the form of a beautiful necklace and earrings by Alyxia Leaf.

Alyxia Leaf

Alyxia Leaf is a unique jewelry company based in NYC that creates beautiful crafted pieces made of actual leaves fond in nature. Before a piece becomes a part of a collection, it goes through a rigorous design process that takes about two months to complete. Alyxia Leaf first gathers the finest grown leaves from both Australia and the United States, and then preserve them for two weeks to keep their freshness. After gathering and selecting leaves (or one of our other natural  selections), they go through the electroforming process at our Kentucky design studio. Through special techniques, leaves are transformed into amazingly intricate pieces of jewelry.

Pic 2


Pic 3

These are the perfect fall accessories as they have a fantastic earthy feel and are offered in a range of colors that easily compliment a fall wardrobe. Of course Alyxia Leaf can be worn year-round but I’m loving that the leaves are falling outside and I can wear pieces to match.

Here’s how I styled my Alyxia Leaf necklace and earrings.

Pic 1

I paired my fabulous new jewelry with a fun pair of paisley Zara pants to compliment the color of my necklace and a white H&M blouse to pull the look all together. Be sure to visit the Alyxia Leaf website to check out the entire collection.

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Wardrobe Wars: Summer vs. Fall

After speaking to several of my peers about seasonal fashion, I have come to realize that everyone’s favorite season is fall!  There’s just something about chunky sweaters, fancy statement coats and fabulous riding boots that make you just love fall. But for those of us who love fall fashion but still long for the bright warmth of summer, there are ways to position your wardrobe to get the best of both worlds.

Here are some tips for holding on to summer even when there’s a crisp fall breeze:
Integrate floral prints into your wardrobe: We typically see flowers bloom in the spring so floral patterns during the fall can remind us of the summer that once was. Bonus: floral will still be a hot print for fall.
Don’t be afraid to wear pops of color: Be bold with your pieces. Try a neon colored cardigan or perhaps stick with the monochrome theme for your clothes and add a bright colored shoe to remind you of sunny days.
Long sleeve dresses are your friend: Long sleeve dresses are the perfect weather-appropriate piece giving you the warmth that you need for a chilly day but still offer that, “Summer’s not over just yet” deal.
Check out how I styled this fall appropriate outfit with summer flare.
IMG_4667 (1)
Super fun shoot in Downtown Detroit curtesy of my PR gal pal, Teia Harris of Love Publicity!
IMG_4648 (1)
Outfit Details:
Dress – Lulus
Shoes – Target
Necklace – H&M
Sunglasses – Aldo 
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