I recently went through a stint of drama with a friend and finally realized that I needed to let go and do what was best for ME!


It was affecting my health, my happiness, and other relationships, so it was time for a little #selfcare.

For me, self care is doing what I want to do. With mental health such a huge topic these days, and personally being a sufferer if anxiety, it is extremely important to recognize when a little #selfcare is needed. Sometimes we forget that even though the world around us doesn’t stop, we have the power to stop ourselves from the world.

Take some time to do YOU! If that means shutting your phone off, cutting off someone you thought was in your corner, going to get a mani/pedi, laying by the pool or zoning out to your new favorite album, do it! Matter a fact, today I didn’t bring my work computer home because literally all I wanted to do was lay by the pool and write this post. And let me tell you, it feels great!

I VERY rarely get my nails done and this past Friday, I thought, you know what? I’m feeling sassy, I deserve this, get you some cute little gel acrylics, girl! This was part of my #selfcare.


Don’t forget how important your happiness is, so be sure to take some time for some #selfcare.

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous.



Tips For Getting Incredible Skin

Who doesn’t want incredible skin? Good skin makes you look good, and when you look good, you feel good! Incredible skin is a sign of health, and who doesn’t want to appear healthy? Here’s everything you need to do to get incredible skin:

Skincare Tips

Assess Your Individual Skin Type

First of all, you need to assess your individual skin type to work out what you should be using and doing. Take a look at a guide online to work it out, or ask a professional to do it for you. Once you know your individual skin type, you can begin selecting the perfect products to use. Using products that don’t suit your skin type can age you, and even leave you with nasty spots.

Get into a Good Routine

Now you have the products that are perfect for your skin, you need to get into a good routine. Using them once a week when you remember or every other day just isn’t enough. Use them twice a day for the best results. You’ll usually cleanse, tone, and moisturise. A couple of times a week you should also exfoliate, and apply a face mask that suits your skin type. Try not to skip anything, as it’ll make all the difference to the condition of your skin!

Take Makeup Off Properly

When wearing makeup, make sure you take it off properly. Using a wipe isn’t usually enough. Although if that’s all you can be bothered to do after a big night out, it’s better than nothing. Just make sure you cleanse properly when you wake up! It’s usually best to do a double cleanse, to really cleanse your pores and stop bacteria from settling.

Stop Touching Your Face

Touching your face transfers bacteria. You may not be able to see it, but it’s there! If you go to the gym and other places you may pick up nasty bacteria, be extra mindful of touching your face. Try to keep your hands away from your face and use a towel instead. Using public toilets can transfer nasty bacteria too. Always wash your hands, and carry a hand gel everywhere you go to ensure your hands are free from germs and other things.

Change Your Pillowcases

Your pillowcase can carry much more bacteria than you realise too. If you have a problem with spots, then it could be down to your pillowcase. Try changing it every other day and see if the condition of your skin improves. If it does, you know that your skin is much cleaner! Keep it up to keep the condition of your skin at this level. You’ll have a little more washing to do, but it’ll be worth it when you see the condition of your skin.

Invest in Certain Products

There are certain products you should invest in if you want your skin to look amazing. Although you should always pick products that suit your skin type, you don’t need to get the most expensive of everything. By investing in a serum or oil, you should find your skin improves regardless of the other products you’re using. The benefits can be enjoyed by anyone at any age! A good face mask and moisturiser can be great too. The most important thing is that you monitor your skin to make sure the things you are using suit your skin.

Visit a Salon Occasionally

Visit a salon occasionally for a more luxurious skin treat. Although you can do many salon treatments yourself at home, sometimes, a home treatment doesn’t quite do the trick. There are lots of treatments you can go for at the salon to improve the look of your skin. Electrotherapy treatments can do all kinds, from smooth out wrinkles to give skin a healthy glow. It might even be worth investing in a course of treatments to see how your skin improves and responds.

Do these things for your skin, and you’ll soon notice big improvements. After a few weeks, you should feel as if you have incredible skin! Don’t forget, if you have a problem that you just can’t see to get rid of, visiting the doctor is a good idea. You don’t want to make it worse with your own home remedies and treatments. If you’re determined and consistent, amazing skin can be yours. Are there any tips you swear by?

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6 Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

There are a few beauty hacks that I feel compelled to share with you all because everyone loves a good shortcut or alternative in life! (Items including “*” notate beauty hacks that I have personally tried. Items including “-“ notate beauty hacks that I haven’t tried but wanted to share.)

-Use paperclips to create a racerback bra.

Image via Oh Rubbish Blog

Image via Oh Rubbish Blog

Instead of purchasing a new bra or throwing on a strapless bra lacking support, use a paperclip to secure your bra straps in place. The straps will create an X shape on your back in order to hide the straps when wearing a racerback tank or other garments that typically expose your bra straps.

– Store bobby pins in an empty Tic Tac Box

Everyone knows bobby pins are like socks. They mysteriously go missing! Save your bobby pins by storing them in an empty Tic Tac box. It’s compact enough to carry in your purse for on-the-go days and small enough to place in the corner of your bathroom counter to save space.

* Dry your hair with a t-shirt to eliminate frizz

Photo via michellephan.com

Image via michellephan.com

Have you ever noticed that when you towel dry your hair, it seems to be a little bit harder to tame? That’s because towels don’t really do a great job of drying your hair when there’s already excess moisture on the towel. Instead, use a t-shirt to dry your hair and tame the frizz.

*Use a men’s razor

Women’s razors are great and all but sometimes when you want a closer, more efficient shave, women’s razors can get a little pricey. Save a few dollars and pick up a pack of men’s razors. Men’s razors are already made to cut thicker hair so using a men’s razor to shave your legs, armpits and bikini line just might be more efficient for you.

*Shave your legs with conditioner

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

If you’ve run out of shaving cream, don’t worry because that bottle of conditioner can do the same trick, if not better. Conditioner smooths and softens your hair and works the same on your skin. Using conditioner in place of shaving cream will leave your legs extra smooth after a good shave.

*Put hairspray in a body spray bottle

When your bath and body works body spray is running low, don’t toss it just yet! De-assemble your hair spray bottle and pour the hair spray into the body spray bottle. This concoction allows you to utilize your hairspray but with the remaining body spray still in the bottle, your hair will hold its style plus hold a sweet fragrance!

Have you tried any of these beaut hacks?

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

Nail Tutorial: How to Create Floral Nails

Florals have set the tone of the season (even though it’s winding down – so sad!), so why not play up the feminine, flirty pattern on your nails too? Here’s how to create easy, flower-filled nails!

photo 3 (1)

1. Paint nails a base color. I used a mint color by Forever 21 but feel free to get creative with your color ways.

2. Once nails are dry, sporadically place three pink dots on the nails you wish to paint flowers. I used my ring finger, aka fashion nail, for a dramatic affect. The dots should just be small dabs of nail polish randomly placed on your finger nail.

Practice on paper before

Practice on paper before

3. Let the first pink dots sit for about a minute then add another dab of nail polish on top of the current dot. I used white polish to simulate a rose.

4. Gently swirl the dots together with a toothpick. Continue to swirl until the two colored dots of polish form a flower-like pattern.

5. Use a green polish or a nail art pen to create leaves. I used rainbow art nail pens from Paper Source in Birmingham for easy leaves.

photo 2 (1)

6. Let nails dry and add a top coat.

And there you have it, super fun and easy floral nails!

photo 4

photo 5

 Will you try creating floral nails?
Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*