Don’t Let The Turkey Steal All The Show

Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. These are likely to be the main foods on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Since the early 20th century, the turkey has occupied one of the most critical places in the Thanksgiving preps. It’s so crucial to the celebration that more and more Americans refer to Thanksgiving as (Happy) Turkey Day. For anyone who’s inviting friends and relatives over, the pressure is not only about finding a big enough turkey but also making sure that you can get the juiciest bird in town. Nobody likes a dried slice of meat!

However, as more and more people are looking for meat-free alternatives to Thanksgiving – either before they are vegetarian or because they’re worried about the impact their meat consumption has on the planet – it’s time to turn Turkey Day into Happy Family, Feast and Fun Day.

Floral Dress

The autumnal style you want to show off

What’s the best thing you can do to take your guests’ minds off the traditional turkey dish? You need to dress up for the occasion – instead of wearing your best oven gloves and kitchen apron above your dress. One of the common mistakes hosts make is to want to put their best clothes on while worrying that they might stain the outfit. As a result, you end up hiding behind an oversized apron. Instead, you could pick a cozy and pretty dress – have a look at long floral dresses this season – that is easy to maintain. This will makes sure you feel comfortable walking around without your kitchen gear on!

You don’t have time to go OTT

You want to look your best, but remember that you also need to host a party. You can’t afford to spend hours pampering and styling in front of the mirror. But you can try quick and straightforward hair updos that keep your look casual and stylish at the same time. With a few twists and sophisticated knots, you could recreate a classic hairdo from the Glorious 1930s – do try the Great Gatsby style if you’ve got long hair – in a matter of minutes.

It’s not all about the turkey

As we’ve said, if you want to remove the turkey from the dinner’s preparations, you can leave it out. When Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday, the turkey wasn’t even part of the menu. The first pilgrims didn’t eat turkey either during their three days of feast. So, you don’t need to put a turkey on the table if you don’t want to. For meat-hungry guests, a charcuterie platter can be a fantastic alternative. Serve it with a few crackers and some crudites as a starter, for instance. If you prefer a meat-free option, everybody will cheer at the sight of a roasted butternut squash risotto: It’s both healthy and delicious, especially if you add plenty of Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs before serving!

Pecan Pie

Wow your guests with a yummy pie

Finally, if you decide to skip the turkey, you can spend more time making a homemade sweet pie. While pumpkin is a favorite, you can be creative and surprise your guests with a cream and cider apple pie. A coconut custard pie also offers a fantastic palate-cleansing flavor at the end of a rich meal.

Does a turkey make Thanksgiving? Of course not! All you need is to look and feel your best to make the most the holiday with your loved ones. Besides, they are plenty of yummy turkey-free alternatives to keep your guests satisfied.

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How To Overcome Your Feelings Of Fashion Envy

Who doesn’t get a little feeling of fashion envy from time to time? When you don’t have the money to spend on whatever the current celebrity trend is, you can only dream and reflect on what it might be like to have the opportunity to spend a day (literally) in their shoes!

How many of you have gazed wistfully at the trend-setting style outfits chosen by new princess Meghan Markle? It’s unlikely many of us can afford to stretch our budget to the $18,000 Givenchy outfits she has been strolling around in! And if you’re planning on getting married, you probably won’t be able to afford that stunning Givenchy wedding dress of $265,000. And you most certainly won’t be able to afford the $350,000 cost of her engagement ring. Jealousy, anybody?

And it’s not only the celebrities we see parading around in the latest trends that cause us envy. There are those people ‘like us,’ who seem to find the funds to keep up with the latest trends. Admittedly, they are probably working multiple jobs to get the desired look, but how many of us have the time to do that? We walk by them in the shopping malls and feel inadequate in what we are wearing. We see them picking up clothes at high-end fashion boutiques while we stand idly by window shopping. If only we could have what they have.

So, how can we overcome fashion envy? Should we lock ourselves in at home, and never hit the high street again? Should we stop going online to avoid the temptation to peek at the latest celeb fashion? No, of course, we shouldn’t. But while we can’t afford everything that causes us envy, we can still find ways to look good at cut-down prices.

  • We can embrace online shopping, signing up for discount coupons and information on special deals from our favorite fashion stores. And there are plenty of cheap fashion websites, so we still have the opportunity to look good at a fraction of the usual budget.


  • We can wait a few months before parting with our cash, as there are always going to be sales online and in our local high street, where we can buy something fashionable at a cheaper price than the original sales tag. As fashion trends change all the time, we need only bide our time to grab ourselves something glam, even if we don’t always get to stay in line with the newest trend.


  • We can start saving our money on those things we really like, rather than bemoan the fact that we have no money. We can save for our wedding, so while we won’t be to afford the expense of old Sparkle Markle (as we are now calling her), we might still be able to afford something highlighted in this James Allen review. And we can save for those other events in our life when we need something good to wear, rather than wasting our hard-earned cash on fashion accessories that we don’t really need in the meantime.


  • We can visit charity stores, something that many people turn their noses up at! But listen, if you visit those stores in high-end places of your town, who knows what may have been donated from the more affluent members of your community?

And finally, you don’t need to have fashion envy at all if you’re comfortable with the way you look. If you’re happy in your outfit, who cares what anybody else thinks? But if you do want to follow fashion, you can overcome feelings of envy by following the ideas mentioned above. Or you could ‘simply’ marry a Royal yourself, and never have to worry about having fashion envy ever again!

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The Tale of a Chic Vampire

Have you ever been so sick that you just felt like an entirely new person when you finally felt better? It’s such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?
I recently had some health issues and I was going to keep this between close friends and family but I figured, why not share my story?


After almost two months of feeling exhausted, weak, anxious, irritable, and fainting in the middle of the streets of Birmingham, I decided to finally go to the doctor. I spent so much time thinking I would just get better if I stopped drinking alcohol, only drank water (PH balanced water to be exact) and worked out more. The problem was, I still felt crappy after cutting out alcohol and I didn’t even have the energy to work out. It go to the point where I was completely out of breath when I walked up stairs or farther than an inch. Seriously, it took so much out of me to walk from my living room to bedroom some nights. I would cry because I was so stressed out from being tired ALL. THE. TIME. But still had so many sleepless nights because my legs were hurting from restless leg syndrome.


After seeing my doctor, she looked at my hands and eyes and could immediately tell it was my anemia. Blood work was done and I found out my blood count was a 5. In case you didn’t know, your blood count should be at least a 7 to function properly. It was so severe that a blood transfusion was ordered for me. I’m like a modern day vampire, I guess? I was injected with two units of blood and my iron pill dosage was upped.
Not going to lie, I was scared shitless to get the transfusion. I’ve never been admitted to the hospital; never even broken a bone. Almost had an anxiety attack when they put the IV in. But let me tell you, it was the best thing ever! I literally feel like an entirely new person and I’m back to living life regularly and feeling healthier.
The point of this was to inspire you to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Don’t wait for symptoms to worsen before you seek professional help. Even though I feel so much better, I’m still kicking myself for waiting so long to make a doctor appointment. There were so many days I knew something wasn’t right but kept saying to myself, “You’re too busy today, call the doctor tomorrow.” or “Eat this fruit and you’ll be sure to feel better!” I missed out on some things and I don’t want anyone to have to feel pain or suffering like I did.
I also want to give God the glory for healing. May God bless anyone reading this who isn’t well. We’ve got lots more living to do, people!
Outfit Details:
Bodysuit – Fashion Nova – this is my FAVORITE bodysuit. I have it in 3 colors.
Duster Vest – Target (similar)
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10 Essentials for a Cozy Fall Wardrobe

Many of us are still trying to cling on to our summer wardrobes. Perhaps adding boots to our summer dresses on wetter days. But, it’s time to accept that summer is over. It’s been fantastic. But, the leaves are starting to fall, nature is full of glorious color, and the temperature is dropping. The time is coming to pack those summer dresses away, take your sandals up to the attic, and start pulling down your fall wardrobe.

Fall can be a beautiful time. The leaves crunch under your feet as you walk, the sky is still fresh and blue, Halloween decorations are starting to pop up, and there are even Christmas gifts in the stores. Even better, the temperature is often mild and dry enough that you can enjoy all that the season has to offer outdoors and still get away with cuddling up in your pj’s with a cup of cocoa as soon as you get in from work. In many ways, it’s the perfect season.

One of the best things about fall is the fashion. You can wear chunky jumpers and thick tights without having to worry about covering them up with giant coats and waterproofs. It’s the perfect time to experiment with color and style, finding clothes that are warm but still trendy and confidence boosting. Once you’ve got these ten essential pieces, you can start being a little more creative with the rest.

The Skater Dress

The skater dress is perfect for fall. It looks great with thick tights and boots, flatters any figure, hides the hips and tummy for those days when you fancy overindulging on comforting food and looks fantastic with jumpers, light jackets, and scarves. The classic skater dress looks fabulous with flat boots and a jacket for a day around town, but equally amazing with heels and some bling for a night out.

Go for long sleeves for a warmer take on the classic dress, but branch out with brighter colors, as well as deep fall shades like navy and burgundy, and cool autumnal prints to add some color to what can become quite a dull fall wardrobe filled with dark color and plain print.

A Little Black Dress

A little black dress is always a staple. You might need breast augmentation to fill some styles confidently, but there’s an option for every body shape. With so many parties and events coming up in the next few months, a little black dress is a great go to. It makes you feel confident and sexy and looks great at any time of the year.

Sturdy Boots

If there’s one thing that your fall wardrobe can’t be without, it’s a good pair of sturdy boots. Some things, like t-shirts and vests, it’s okay to scrimp and save. Cheaper options are great. Boots, however, are worth spending more money on. Buy the best pair that you can afford, and they’ll last for years, keep your feet warm and dry and always look fantastic. You can always get them re-healed or resoled down the line to make them last longer if you need to.

Good boots should be waterproof, sturdy, have excellent grip and be comfortable. Black or dark brown are great options as they’ll look fabulous with both your winter dresses and jeans.

Cute Ankle Boots

Many of us wear boots for most of the season. If you’ve just got one pair of sturdy boots, it can quickly get a little boring. So, get some cute ankle boots in a different color so that you’ve got options. A good pair of pumps and some leather boat shoes are also good options for the milder, dry days.

A Chunky Jumper

Chunky jumpers are one of the best things about autumn/winter fashion. They look fantastic, they are comfortable, they fit over other layers, and they just make you feel safe and cozy as soon as you put them on. There’s really nothing better.

A chunky knit jumper will keep you warm, it’ll look great over a dress or with a skirt or skinny jeans, and it’s easy to accessorize with an oversized scarf and bag. Mustard and Purple are always favorite fall colors, and they look great with dark leggings and jeans.

Long Sleeved Tee

A tight fitting, plain long-sleeved tee is an absolute must in colder weather. On a milder day, they look great as a single layer with jeans. But, as the weather starts to get colder, they fit easily under flannel shirts, jumpers, and even dresses, giving you options and more importantly, warmth when it’s cold. If you want to add another layer in especially cold weather, fit a vest underneath.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a must at any time of the year. In summer, they look amazing rolled up with pumps or sandals and a loose fitting cami. In fall, they look awesome layered with chunky jumpers, longline tees and cardi’s and tucked into boots. You can’t go wrong with a skinny jean as long as you buy a size and style that fit and suit your body shape. They also have the advantage of not getting wet at the bottoms like a bootcut or flare.

A Collared Jacket

Fall can be awkward when it comes to coats and jackets. You don’t need your big padded parka yet. But, it is getting cooler, and you do need to wrap up to keep warm. A lighter jacket, perhaps in denim or leather can be a stylish option that works well with the rest of your fall wardrobe. Finding something with a collar gives you an extra option when it comes to keeping warm and blocking the wind.

A Warm Scarf

A large scarf in a deep shade can change any outfit, adding texture and depth and breaking up a print. It’ll also keep you warm and help to protect your skin from the wind. Go for a matching hat, scarf, and gloves set to really make a statement.


Sunglasses might seem odd, but you’ll need them. Especially if you drive. The sun is lower and can seem brighter even when it’s cold. It can be hard to see, and there’s nothing less attractive than a squint. Quality shades look cool and help to protect your eyes.

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I recently went through a stint of drama with a friend and finally realized that I needed to let go and do what was best for ME!


It was affecting my health, my happiness, and other relationships, so it was time for a little #selfcare.

For me, self care is doing what I want to do. With mental health such a huge topic these days, and personally being a sufferer if anxiety, it is extremely important to recognize when a little #selfcare is needed. Sometimes we forget that even though the world around us doesn’t stop, we have the power to stop ourselves from the world.

Take some time to do YOU! If that means shutting your phone off, cutting off someone you thought was in your corner, going to get a mani/pedi, laying by the pool or zoning out to your new favorite album, do it! Matter a fact, today I didn’t bring my work computer home because literally all I wanted to do was lay by the pool and write this post. And let me tell you, it feels great!

I VERY rarely get my nails done and this past Friday, I thought, you know what? I’m feeling sassy, I deserve this, get you some cute little gel acrylics, girl! This was part of my #selfcare.


Don’t forget how important your happiness is, so be sure to take some time for some #selfcare.

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What’s Your Happy Place

My happy place is being surrounded by amazing people – friends and family who make me laugh. Glitter and sparkle make me happy, too! ✨

I was recently in Chicago with friends to enjoy the art pop-up, Happy Place. It started in Los Angeles and moved to the Windy City where it just recently extended its stay through Labor Day.

Happy Place is filled with color and joy. Each room/instillation represented happiness and made for some pretty instagramable moments like a pot of gold ball pit!! Ah-making.

Although it was HOT (probably the hottest day in Chicago of the year), we had a great time roaming through the rooms creating some moments of happiness.

Thank you, Happy Place for helping us create some lasting memories.

About Happy Place: 

Founded by Jared Paul and opened originally on November 20, 2017, this massive pop-up experience is filled with larger than life size installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms, and dozens of moments curated to Capture Your Happy.

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Taco Tuesday with Clementina Detroit

Oh, hello there. As today is Tuesday, I figured I would take a moment to share my experience at Clementina Detroit, a seasonal restaurant (food tuck) stationed in Detroit’s Capitol Park. So without further ado, Happy Taco Tuesday!!

Clementina has easily become one of the most Instagramed food stops in Detroit since its grand opening. The colors, and atmosphere alone are enough reason to at least stop by. I dined there last weekend with my friend and fellow foodie – you can follow her food adventures on Instagram @tastestation, and we had…. an interesting experience.

Clementina is known for its libations, especially the frosé which we of course HAD to order. It was the perfect amount of frozen, to boozy, to flavorful combo. However, I was a little caught off guard by the cost. We had to purchase a separate cup for water and drink that from a fountain. I know it’s a food truck, but since when is water not free?

The food was decent. For the price, however, I would have liked MUCH better service. I was unfortunately greeted with an attitude as I walked up to place my food order (there are separate trucks for food and beverages). There were some eye rolls and huffs when I asked questions about the menu; and as the Recruiting Manager for a restaurant chain, I pick up on personality quickly. I don’t condone anything other than a smile. But I went on an ordered my two tacos. *Be mindful of the automatic gratuity and service charge when ordering though.* My two tacos totaled $14 and some change. Unfortunately my order was wrong, but the staff was thankfully willing to make my correct taco quickly.

I had the pork taco and the shrimp taco. The pork option was a little more flavorful while the shrimp taco didn’t sit too well with me. I did try some of the chicken nachos and those would be worth returning for!

Moral of the story, I recommend going if you’d like something fun to do in Detroit. Clementina a is stationed in Capital Park where there are little shops nearby. And if you’re still hungry, Prime and Proper is directly across the street. We made a day of it by starting at Clemintina, working our way over to Detroit Water Ice to satisfy our sweet tooth and had the pleasure of meeting the owner Mitch Albom. Then we ended our mini tour of downtown at Campus Martius and stuck our feet in the sand at the sand bar.

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