How To Make Your Car More Economical

October 1, 2021

Driving is a luxury. And how we treat our cars is important. The better care you take of your car, the longer it will last and the less money you have to put into it. And that means, more money on your pockets for other things! So how do you make your car more economical? Read on for some tips. Check Your Tires Your car has four of…

Where to Shop

Pre-Fall Fashion with Femme Luxe

September 12, 2021

I can always count on Femme Luxe for fabulous, fun, sassy and sexy. Best part, everything is at a great price point. Guess what? There’s a sale happening now! Femme Luxe has pieces for a date night out, girls night out or work from home. Now that fall is approaching, I’m sharing some of my newest pieces and showing a few ways to style for pre-fall. I love…

Fab Tips

Branding Tips for Small Businesses

September 2, 2021

I started fabcocktail.com back in 2013 or 2014. It was just a lil ol fashion and beauty blog with no real direction but over the years I’ve learned so much, developed newfound interests and realized my purpose – to inspire. Now, years later after graduating college, growing in my professional career, surviving a pandemic and meeting like-minded individuals, I am expanding fabcocktail into a small business and full…