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How To Enjoy Perfectly Brewed Iced Tea

What’s better than an iced tea, or iced coffee on a hot day? Not much else. I’m so excited to use my Capresso Iced Tea Maker for hosting and even relaxation.

I’m just picturing it now. Me on the deck with a glass of tea in hand and a good book soaking up the rays and listening to the birds chirping. It’s giving down south vibes. Am I right?!

I appreciate Capresso Iced Tea sending me this iced tea maker. I’m an iced coffee girlie but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes. Plus iced tea can be so refreshing and is less harsh on your tummy. Good thing though, you can make both iced tea and ice coffee with it. Yay!

The Capresso Iced Tea Maker is super easy to use. You fill the back panel up with water. Open the top and pop in a tea bag or coffee grounds. It’s also made for loose tea leaves, which is my favorite part. Then you’ll fill the pitcher with ice. Plug in, press start and your tea or coffee will begin to brew!

I can’t wait to try different flavors like roses and lavender. I can even make a yummy sweet tea right at home. It’s reasonably priced and just the right size to store in your cabinet or have on display in your kitchen.

The Capresso Iced Tea Maker helps you to brew fresh and delicious iced beverages.  Simply add water, tea, and ice and you will soon be enjoying perfectly brewed iced tea. 

  • 80 oz. (2.5 qt.) glass pitcher with a removable lid and an easy-pour spout
  • Removable permanent filter for loose tea or tea bags
  • Dishwasher-safe glass pitcher, permanent filter, and removable filter basket
  • Fresh or frozen fruit can be added to the pitcher for delicious gourmet beverages 
  • Can also be used to make iced coffee