How Do You Define Your Style?

Do you have a specific style that defines you, or do you switch it up a little based on season or event? I find in my group of friends, while we all dress a little different, our individual styles are pretty defined. We’ll be out shopping, find an article of clothing and go “Hey, this is so you!”

A few weeks ago, me and a few of my lady friends decided to take a mini tour of Detroit after a fun Birthday brunch (mimosas anyone?!) to show off our defined weekend/event styles. Check out some outfit inspiration from me and my fab friends!

Krystina – Defined Style: Southern Chic
Tina is super into cold shoulder tops, booties, and simple accessories to channel the dainty, easy feel of the south. Her favorite store? Francesca’s and a Henri Bendel bag will usually complete her daily style. Shop her style.

Reese – Defined Style: Urban Goddess
As the birthday girl, Reese went for a fabulous goddess vibe in all white showing off her bod in the most classy way. On the daily, you may find Reese in super cute, form-fitting dresses and tops to hug her fit curves just right. Shop her style.

Taryn – Defined Style: Urban Mod
Taryn loves to be flirty with a little edge. Combat boots paired with a 60s-inspired dress perfectly captures her mod look with a twist. If she’s not showing off a mod look, you can find Taryn rocking a bohemian style, and a flower crown if it’s really special occasion! Shop her style.

Jessica – Defined Style: Cali Chic
Lately I’ve channeled my inner Kardashian with chokers and high ponys. I love a good west coast inspired look with some good denim, graphics, and a classic black piece. I’m so excited for warmer weather to come around so I can wear my legs bare. Dresses and rompers are my jam. Shop my style.

What’s your go-to style?

Thanks to my ladies for such a fun, fashionable, and fabulous day! ❤️👠

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous. 

Stay Fly with Nick Montes Sunglasses

What if I told you you don’t have to wear sunglasses only when the sun is out? Yes, my friends. It’s possible to stay fly even in below zero temps. Throw on your shades and go!


Stand out. Escape. Find yourself with Nick Montes sunglasses. These fab frames are made of the finest acetate, metals, lenses, and polarization technology this planet can offer. And they look badass too.

Thanks to Nick Montes, I am obsessed with these frames perfect for all weather, east coast, west coast, and everywhere in between.


Manufactured in sunny California, but worn nationwide, Nick Montes sunglasses are sleek, well-crafted, and priced just right for quality shades.


Steal my look here. Nick Montes Icon Sunglasses. 

*Post possible on behalf of Nick Montes. All opinions are my own.*

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Superhero Chic

When you think of a cape, do you think of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman? Capes are for superheros, so why not be a hero of fashion? It’s fashion cape season!

Cape - Happy

I found this very chic and British-inspired cape from Merchant 31, an affordable online boutique discovered via Instagram. Merchant 31 is dedicated to offering the latest fashion and accessories to women worldwide at affordable prices. Staying true to their roots, Merchant 31 has taken its small-town, family-owned business philosophy online, treating each customer like family and offering a one-of-a kind selection of women’s clothing and accessories.

Capes give you the warmth and coverage of a coat, but allow for a little fashion freedom.  For this particular look, I decided to pair my Merchant 31 cape with jeans and booties, but added a statement necklace and a hat for a little drama.

Cape - Hat

Cape - Straight on

If you’re loving this fashion cape, get it here, and be sure to check out Merchant 31 on Instagram. The online retailer is gearing up for the holidays by offering 20% off of a purchase for this weekend only! Use coupon code: KICKOFF

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography By Andrea

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Leopard Print Pumas

I originally purchased these fabulous Pumas because I figured once they arrived, I would lace them up and immediately feel the need to go running. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. But that’s OK!
Leopard Print Pumas

These leopard print Pumas may be the most comfortable shoes I own. However, I have come to terms with the fact that the act of working out gives me anxiety and I just straight up don’t want to do it. So, until that day comes when I am inspired to work out on a regular basis (I do have my moments when I get on a workout kick a few weeks at a time) these will be my fun shoes.

The great thing about athletic shoes is that they can double as causal shoes. You know those outfits you wear when you just want to be completely comfortable, or when you want something easy but still want to be cute? This style of shoe is perfect for those types of outfits.

Pumas Ad

Pumas on the Bleachers
Other than being cute and casual, these shoes are perfect for a good workout as a result of their comfort level and support. One day I’ll slip into these Pumas and go for a run!

Purchase Womens Puma Carson Runner Athletic Shoe at Shi by Journeys.

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea 

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Fashion Nova Jeans

Even though the wearing white after Labor Day rule went out the door YEARS ago, I’ll share with you a little white ensemble just in time for the holiday, plus fill you in on where you should purchase your next pair of jeans.

Fashion Nova Jeans and Sunnies

I LIVE for great a recommendation of new places to shop, especially online. So, I would like to thank my partner in crime, Jenny from the block, for introducing me to Fashion Nova for jeans. I recently purchased two pair of jeans from Fashion Nova for a total of $60. 30 bucks a pop for super cute, well-fitting jeans is certainly all right with me.

I am personally not a big fan of jeans. I find them [sometimes] flattering, but restricting. But when my employer announced that we had a more relaxed dress code, I felt compelled to stock up on jeans; so I turned to Fashion Nova for some denim options.

Fashion Nova Jeans

Through the trees


Fashion Nova is an online boutique that offers a great variety of jeans (for work and for play) at extremely affordable prices. This online boutique also carries fun and sexy clothes including skirts, dresses, and tops for all occasions.

About my look:

I paired a light and airy, and also very comfortable shirt from Pitaya (Royal Oak) with Fashion Nova Jeans, and white pumps from the clearance section at DSW.

If you are in the market for a new pair of jeans, be sure to visit Fashion Nova !

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea

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Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

So you fancy, huh? But your wallet won’t let you be great? That’s not a problem at all. Here’s my brief little guide to living well on a budget.

champagne taste

Never pay full price for anything – Shop the sales rack, use coupon codes, bargain hunt and barter if you can. Sadly this summer is coming to an end so back to school deals are popping up everywhere and fall merchandise is hitting the shelves. This means SALES! Right now is the best time to stock up on end of season pieces to have in your collection for next year, and it is also a great time to pick up staple items for fall and winter.

Save, Save, Save – No matter how badly you don’t want to put a portion of your paycheck away for a raining day instead of for play, you HAVE to set aside some funds. You would be surprised how quickly cash can add up in your savings. Creating a savings will certainly help you in the long rung when there’s a big purchase you need to make or if there’s a great designer handbag you deserve. I personally recommend putting away no less than $50-$100 each paycheck. And of course, the more you can put aside, the better.

Shop in the right places – Two of my favorite stores that many may not think to shop for clothes and other goodies are Costco and Five Below. With fall approaching, I recently picked up a fleece pullover and an all-purpose fall jacket fully equipped with a hood and moisture-wicking fabric from Costco. Two quality items for a total of $40! At other retailers, the jacket alone would cost more than $40. Even Five Below has super cute kicks for $5! So be smart about where you are shopping and don’t forget unconventional places like Costco for clothing.

There are tons of ways to stay fabulous without breaking the bank. So be smart, save up, and never pay full price.

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*