Fall Fashion Trends for 2013

There’s a crisp chill in the air so that only means one thing – fall is here! For those of you prepping your fall wardrobe, check out this season’s biggest trends below. *Bonus: Trends for both women and men are included* 🙂

Color me good:

Colors will play a significant role in fall 2013 fashion. Blue, green (oilive and emerald) and oxblood faux leather are three colors to look for when you’re doing your fall shopping. Oxblood was a hit last year and is making another appearance for fall 2013.

ASOS pants

ASOS Faux Leather Pants

Top it off:

Hats this season aren’t just for keeping you warm, rather they work to really make the ensemble. Consider your hat choices the focal point of the outfit be it a knitted beanie, snapback or wool boater hat.

Urban Outfitters Obey Knit Beanie

Urban Outfitters Obey Knit Beanie

Rah, Rah Varsity:

In High School your varsity jacket was your favorite accessory and now it’s making a comeback in a fashionable way. Bomber jackets for ladies are fitted with a varsity feel this season. Perhaps pair your varsity bomber jacket with a pair of boyfriend jeans and heels to create a playful look or keep warm in a dress to offer a fun, flirty look.

Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket

Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket

You da Bomb:

So fellas, you actually are on-trend with the ladies this fall 2013 season as bomber jackets with the varsity feel will be popular for you guys as well. Check out bomber jackets ranging in color, patterns and fabric to stand out in the crowed.

ASOS Bomber Jacket

ASOS Bomber Jacket

Make a statement:

Don’t ever be afraid to let your shoes outshine your clothing. And this fall 2013 season, this will totally be possible! Shoes this season for men will be offered in unique colors and colorways.  For example, the classic oxford shoe is offered in bold color choices like blue, green and red. Pair your shoes with rolled up denim or fitted slacks to really make them pop.

Jack Threads Wing Tip Oxfords

Jack Threads Wing Tip Oxfords

Big Plaid:

The new plaid is big plaid. What do I mean by that? Basically, the plaid pattern is larger this season again offering a cool focal point to your ensemble.

Express Plaid Shirt

Express Plaid Shirt

Get the looks here:

ASOS oxblood leather pants

ASOS bomber jacket (for men)

Express plaid shirt (for men)

Jack Threads oxfords (for men)

Forever 21 faux leather varsity 

Urban Outfitters Obey knit beanie

What fall 2013 trends are you excited to try?

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


NeNe & Gregg Round 2

Atlanta Housewife Queen Bee NeNe Leakes recently re-married husband Gregg Leakes and the wedding photos are finally surfacing! As NeNe has stylishly evolved over the years through her time as a “Bravolebrity” (you know, because she’s a Bravo celebrity?) people, or at least I, have been wondering what she chose to strut down the isle in.

And here it is… Life & Style Magazine has the first photos and although she looks better than her co-star Cynthia Bailey did on her wedding day, I was mildly underwhelmed by the dress. It mimics an Old Hollywood theme and is bold like NeNe but there is just something about it I don’t love. Gregg however, looked totes chic and I applaud his get up!

NeNe wedding dress

But in the end, it’s not about the dress, it’s about the couple’s happiness. “I feel amazing.” “Both of us want this, so it will definitely work this time,” said NeNe the bride.

Congrats, NeNe and Gregg! What do you think of NeNe’s wedding dress?

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

Party Like It’s 1999

If you’re my age (26), you know all about the 90s. From All That to Hanson and TLC, the 90s were a hot epic mess!

Also known as the least fashionable decade, a few great things did come from the era like crop tops and grudge, which we currently seem to be reliving in the fashion world. As Nickelodeon says, the 90s were all that and as a tribute to the decade that molded me, I threw a 90s themed birthday party!

Check out some of the looks me and my friends rocked.

Kelly Kapowski meets Britney Spears

Kelly Kapowski meets Britney Spears


Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger!

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger!

Girls of the 90s

Girls of the 90s



My 25th Year

As my 26th birthday approaches, I have been thinking about what I have accomplished in life and what I still aspire to accomplish. I was always my grandpa’s joy. He was one of my biggest fans and was ALWAYS proud of everything I did. With his death happening a full year ago now, I realize I must continue to make him proud while he watches down on me from Heaven. So with that, my 26th year of life is going to be for him!

Things I’ve accomplished at 25:

1. I was able to meet my Fashion Fairy God Mother, June Ambrose and one of my sincerely favorite designers, Christian Siriano at NYFW.

FNO NYC 2013

FNO NYC 2013

2. I was blessed with a 9-5 in my preferred industry – fashion/beauty!

3. I lost a friend but I gained two beautiful and amazing friends whom I love and adore!

TIP <3


4. I was granted the privilege of being involved in fashion show production which I had always been a goal of mine.

5. I went to DISNEY WORLD! I used to go every summer as a kid but it’s even better as an adult!

Epcot for Fraction Twin's Birthday

Epcot for Fraction Twin’s Birthday

6. I created this blog! A wise man (Cam Wess) once said, this morning to be exact, “Get your blog together so you can be the next Perez Hilton. Be that go-to blog for fashion and things.” And that blog it shall be!

My 26th year of life begins May 1 and I hope to make my grandpa, friends, family and supporters extremely proud! Thanks for reading.

*Stay fabulous xoxo*

The J. Scott Project

You may remember me mentioning one of my dearest and best friends before. His name is Justin Spade and he is not only a great friend, inspiration and well, my #1 Fashion B*tch; Justin is also a fashion blogger and now… a FASHION DESIGNER!

J. Scott Project 1

Since I have known Justin, we have always bonded over our love of fashion. We have been able to attend fashion week together, meet some of our favorites in the fashion industry together and even start a blog together (a blog project called JuMo – we let our busy lives get in the way of that one). We have also supported each other on other individual fashion related projects, and I am so proud that Justin’s dream is coming to fruition. For years Justin has been toying with the idea of creating a fashion line and he was recently presented with an opportunity here in Michigan (with an amazing organization you will hear more about from me in the near future) to show a few pieces. Well, one thing has led to another and Justin will be designing an entire collection!

I have the great privilege of being an insider on the project, getting to see design sketches and fabric choices for the collection and I am more than excited to see the finished product! But with everything, there comes the need for funds. As a result, Justin has created a Go Fund Me account in order to fully fund the project and make his design dreams a reality.  I am a HUGE supporter of Justin and would love for you guys to become supporters too. Check out his Go Fund Me page here to learn more about the J. Scott Project, the collection and his goals. You can also catch up on the progress of the project here.

A preview of a piece in the collection

A preview of a piece in the collection

Whether it’s $1, $500 or some words of encouragement, your support would mean A LOT to Justin!

*Insider secret: The collection will feature bright, patterned materials and draw influence from the place he now calls home – New York City!

Ariana Grande: New Music

Yes, I am 25 and still watch Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Judge me if you’d like but to me watching delightfully humorous kids programming is a little better than watching washed up celebrities learning how to dive for a check and some relevancy.

So anyway, I discovered Ariana Grande by watching Victorious on Nickelodeon (the show sadly recently aired its final episode but Ariana is getting a spinoff!). Ariana, who played the character of Cat Valentine, was showcased singing in several of the episodes. I was intrigued by her voice because it’s so big and she’s quite a small person. I ended up searching YouTube for more videos of her singing and I instantly became a fan. She’s one of those incredibly, naturally talented singers that are hard to come by these days.

She got her start on Broadway, moved to television and now she is preparing to release her first album. As I am now a fan of her music, I was excited to find out the first single from her soon-to-be-released debut album reached number one on iTunes yesterday! The song is called “The Way” Ft. Mac Miller. It’s a feel good love song with some pop and R&B influences. It sort of reminds me of a really good 90s Mariah Carey track. I want to blast it in my car on a warm day with my windows down. I admire Ariana because of her ability to sing so naturally without being overproduced and I am very excited to hear more from her. Check out “The Way” below and let me know what you think.

PS: I know this post has nothing to do with fashion or beauty so I will throw in that I adore Ariana’s style. Her clothing choices are always super girly and cute! I also listened to an interview where she mentioned nude heels are her go-to shoe.  (Yes that is a macaroon dress in the photo below)

Ariana Grande Macaroon DressAriana Grande

I Will Not Bow Down to Beyonce

If you know me at all, you know I am NOT a big Beyonce fan. Yes, I admit she is a beautiful, successful woman with a few good songs but I don’t believe she is as fierce as she is made out to be. So with that, I give you my thoughts on Bow Down/I Been On.

Beyonce Bow Down


  1. Who are you singing to???? Just a few bars into the song I felt disrespected by her words (“I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world.”). I certainly did not, Beyonce. When I was little I dreamt of being an Olympic figure skater like Michelle Quan. Not everyone adores and wants to be a Beyonce type. As someone who is not a big fan I really felt as though she was singing to me telling me to bow down to her (“Bow down bitches. Bow bow down bitches.”). No, boo boo. I bow for no one. And then the thought of Illuminati clicked. I usually ignore those conspiracy theories but really, WHY am I supposed to be bowing down to you?
  2. As Beyonce transitioned to the I Been On portion of the track I felt a little less tense and angry for being called a “bitch” by a singer I’ve never even met. But as she began reminiscing of the 90s with her baby hairs and dookie braids I became annoyed (“I remember my baby hair with my dookie braids”). I see where she was going with it but it was poorly executed.
  3. The operatic vocals over the I Been On part of the track were the best thing about the song because quite frankly, the lyrics were all over the place. Take away all that talking about UGK and smacking tricks (“I told my crew to smack that trick”) and it’s a better song. But with no lyrics you are just given a Hit Boy track sans Beyonce… and I think I’m OK with that.


  1. I respect the fact that she is repping her home town of Houston, Texas by releasing a chopped and screwed version. I actually don’t care for the non-chopped version at all.
  2. The production quality of the song is something out of the ordinary for Beyonce which is also a good thing. I don’t know about everyone else but I am totally and completely over the R&B-like “love” songs she typically releases. Although Bow Down/I Been On is a shorter track, its beat is low and good for bumping in the car on a warm day. I’m about that life!
  3. Was it a publicity stunt? This is something very out-of-the-box for Beyonce and it certainly has people talking. Especially people like me who typically listen to a Beyonce song out of curiosity and immediately dismiss it out of bordem. Is the unique production and self-righteous lyrics of the song the introduction to a new Beyonce?

It would be interesting to know what Beyonce and her camp have to say about the song. Listen to the full track on Sound Cloud.

MAC Viva Glam Ad Screw Up?

Nicki Minaj partnering with MAC Cosmetics for new lipstick shades is technically old news but I think I may have discovered a new development!

While flipping through the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, I came across an ad for  Nicki’s Viva Glam pink lipsticks when my eye was awkwardly drawn to her fake boobs then immediately drifted down to her shoes. It was then I realized one of these things is not like the other.

Viva Glam

So maybe this isn’t a huge deal but it’s literally bothering my soul that one shoe is not completely on in the ad. Did the creative director have a meaning behind this? Did the graphic designer play a photoshop joke in post production? Did the on-set stylist not do a once-over before the photos were snapped? Whhhhy is her shoe not completely on? Shoe flub

If you’re reading this and know the answer to the questions that plague me, please let me know! And if you don’t really care about Niki’s shoe and just want to see the lipsticks, you can check them out here.

The Best Fashion Apps

The tech savvy days we live in keep us glued to our iPhones, Andorids, iPads and tablets. So what’s a fashion got to do with it? Fashion apps! Fashion apps are great resources and awesome sources of entertainment (but you already know that). And while there are hundreds of fashion apps available, of course you’re going to want the best of the best. Here is a list of some of my personal favorite apps that you may want to download. (Candid app screenshots below)

Style.com: Derived from the website Style.com, this app gives you the most up-to-date fashion news including its most trusted and interesting feature, fashion show images. The Style.com team travels the world at fashion shows in order to give its readers and app users some of the best designer collection images out there.

Mr. Porter: Mr. Porter is the epitome of the perfect men’s style destination. Also coming from a website, the Mr. Porter app offers men impeccable style tips, shopping tips, and anything men’s fashion related you can think of. This app mixes classic with fresh. It’s great for men with current style, men looking to become stylish or women who just love men’s fashion.

Pose: Pose is a fashion app that does what it says. It lets you pose! On pose, fashion lovers can upload their best poses whether it’s a mirror shot, photo shoot or one of those cute “caught off guard” shots. Basically, the point is to showcase your outfit. If instagram and Pinterest had a love child, Pose would be the product as it allows users to upload, like, share and follow fashionistas with great poses and style.

Polyvore: You may all know the website Polyvore, the greatest place to create outfit looks and mini mood boards, but it’s finally offered in app form! The Polyvore app works just like the website where you are able to once again like, share and create outfit looks based on garments that can be purchased all over the internet. This app is great if you are looking for outfit ideas or just want to shop well styled looks and seek fashion inspiration.

Fashion Story: Fashion Story is the perfect app for grownups with youthful spirits. Fashion Story is much like the popular app Bakery Story in that it is a game where players build and manage a virtual clothing store. It’s a quite fun game and allows you to use your interests in fashion and even interior design to score some high points.

Fashion Terms: Although it’s the only app on the list that isn’t free (it costs 99 cents to download) Fashion Terms is a very helpful app for aspiring designers, stylists and even bloggers.The Fashion Terms app is a fashion lover’s dictionary as popular fashion terms, garments, accessories and textiles are offered with photos and descriptions.

Social Bliss: Simply put, Social Bliss is Pinterest with only fashion! You’ll see a few beauty inserts here and there but Social Bliss was created for the girl, or guy who lives for fashion. You are able to interact just like Pinterest leaving comments, loving photos and re-posting  You won’t find yummy recipes or nifty arts and crafts project ideas here – just fashion.

Vine: Vine is a unique new video app that allows you to create 7 second videos using a stop motion feature. Although Vine isn’t just for fashion, using it for fashion reasons is pretty cool. For example, I used it a lot during NYFW and I also like using it at work to feature my favorite nail polishes. Vine proves you can be creative in 7 seconds. *This is currently one of my favorite apps and I highly recommend using it. For new users, great accounts to follow are: Huffington Post Style, Lucky Magazine and me 🙂 (username: Jess Noel)*

the best fashion apps

Team Robin Roberts

We all know that Charlize Theron looked flawless even with her boyish pixie, Jessica Chastain was serving fabulous old Hollywood glam and Anne Hathaway was adorbs but needed to put the nipples away. BUT, I’d rather point the “BEST DRESSED” focus on the courageous Robin Roberts of Good Morning America!

Image via Getty Images

Image via Getty Images

Just days after returning to work after medical leave (she underwent a bone marrow transplant); this fighting femme took a private jet to the Oscars to host the ABC Red Carpet special. According to Huffington Post, “She had made it a personal goal of hers to be able to host the Oscar pre-show for ABC, since it was at the 2012 Oscars that she began feeling signs of fatigue.”

What a trooper! Robin stunned in a blue velvet dress by Marc Bouwer and pulled off the hair-less look amazingly. She looked well, sounded happy and her fit arms paired well with the dress’ halter cut.

#teamrobin all day.