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Let me tell you guys a quick story. I used to hate working out. I mean HATE! I would get anxiety just thinking about it. Then I realized, being healthy is important. Not to mention, being in my late 20s with high blood pressure was not a good look. And you gotta look good!

I ended up in a relationship with a guy who would get on these health kicks and talked me into them too. Being with him, I eventually had to get over my fear of being fit because he signed us up for a gym membership. I couldn’t let it go to waste. Even though we’re no longer together, I am forever grateful to him for getting my ass in the gym. It’s where I met the beautiful and talented Nada who was a personal trainer and fitness dance instructor at Franklin Athletic Club (may you rest in peace, love!) and where I realized working out isn’t so bad. While it still hurts, I have come to enjoy the gym. I’ve been able to meet some great new people, lose some inches, join classes like dance and strength, and just overall feel better about life.

I by no means claim to be a fitness expert or think I’m totally fit just yet, but I am pleased and proud of my progress (which I owe A LOT to Nada ❤). However, I will say, getting in the gym got a little easier when I realized I could look cute too. No need to break the bank stocking up on sports bras and compression pants either. Where do I shop for athletic wear? Old Navy is my absolute favorite place! I get so many compliments on my outfit choices and each piece is often $20 or less. I’ve also come to enjoy TJ Maxx as an option for athletic wear.

This super fun and bright look comes from a combination of Old Navy and TJ Maxx. Top is by Betsey Johnson, and of course was a fraction of the original price coming from TJ Maxx. The pants are by Old Navy, and running shoes are from the clearance section at DSW. I love the way Old Navy athletic wear fits. Being a girl with hips, the pants hug me in all the right places.

If you’re anything like me, stop being afraid of the gym and just go! Even if it’s to walk on the treadmill. Just remember you can always look cute doing it.

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Summer 17 Recap

Dear Summer 2017,

Thank you for treating me well. You brought decent weather, super fun nights, and some cute fashion options. As summer gracefully comes to an end (I know we’re not there just yet) I’d like to recap because, well, this summer started out not that great and has the potential to end on a super high note!

5 great things about summer 2017:

  1. Lazy days by the pool and tan lines
  2. Mr. Orange – my new craft beer jam. You can find it at HopCat (shameless work plug 😉 )
  3. Target featuring one of my photos!
  4. Hoop earrings
  5. Bodysuits

This summer I found myself branching out style wise. I tried bodysuits and hoop earnings, two things I thought i’d never put on but fell in love. Fashion wise, bodysuits have been all the rage this summer. You couldn’t go wrong with a cute little bodysuit paired with some good boyfriend jeans, or denim shorts. They are stylish, comfortable (for the most part), sexy, and so simple.

Love a good bodysuit to accentuate lady-like curves and show off your best assets. Ladies, you’ve got to love yourself. Love your body and embrace what you’ve got. It’s OK to show it off a little, tastefully, of course. This bodysuit comes from Pitya, jeans too. It fits just right and gives off the right amount of sexy without going overboard. I’m all about sass with a little bit of class.

Enjoy the remainder of summer, friends! If you haven’t slipped into a bodysuit yet, let this be inspo.

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous.

Twist and Shout with SheIn

Twist and shout! Don’t you just love a dress you feel like you can move and sway in? There’s something about a good dress that makes you feel your girlyest.

This slight high low dress from makes me feel like a pretty little dancing doll. I stumbled across SheIn when I saw another blogger post about the website. Always looking for new places to shop, I knew I HAD to place an order when I saw the incredible prices. My first purchase was this dress and white flowy cold shoulder blouse. My second purchase was a bubble gum pink one piece bathing suit. Although the items are low, low priced – we’re talking the most expensive piece on the site is about $29 low, I was a little weary of the quality. But I was pleasantly surprised to know everything fits perfectly and is of high quality!

The only downside to SheIn is the time it takes for items to arrive, considering it took about 3-4 weeks to get both packages. I fully recommend the website, but suggest ordering a month in advance if you know you’re going to need some key pieces for a trip or event. Also, items fit true to size!

Now dance away to and see what you can find.

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous.

Dad Hats are all the Rage

Dad hats. A fashion trend and a marketing tool for brands and independent retailers are topping the heads of everyone! Made popular decades ago by dads who wore baseball caps to support their favorite sports team, paired with ill-fitting jeans and a belt (you know exactly what I’m talking about!) these hats are popping up everywhere with catchy slogans, graphics, and branding.

My explication for the dad hat comes from a conversation with a friend. “That’s a nice Detroit vs Everybody hat,” he said. ” Oh, my dad hat? Thanks,” I said! His reply? “What’s a dad hat?” He proceeded to Google search “Dad Hats” and realized in fact, dad hats are a thing!

I own a few dad hats, but this Detroit vs Everybody dad hat has to be my favorite. Though tan, it actually compliments a lot, it’s adjustable and comfortable and totally in style. Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or just want to channel your inner dad, throw on a dad hat and hit the road!

My look is simplistic, allowing the Detroit vs Everybody hat to be the main focus. I added a chocker and red Chucks for a mild pop.

Have fun in your dad hats, kids!

Shop D v E dad hat here

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Live Your Best Life

I was driving to work the other day thinking, geez this is going to be a stressful day. But then Ed Sheeren “Shape of You” came on and my mood instantly changed. It’s a fun song with a catchy beat, so it got me thinking, you know what, I’m living my best life! Work may be stressful, but I’m blessed to have a job that pays the bills and affords me the opportunity to spend my nights and weekends doing what I need to do to be truly happy.
Find out what makes you happy, and you too can live your best life. Travel, find love, do a good deed, buy that thing you’ve been wanting to buy, go to brunch with your friends, take your grandparents out to dinner.
Oh, and also, get your winter white in while you can. Spring will be here before you know it! I went to brunch with my gal pals the other and chose to create a Run DMC/Michael Jackson inspired look. Because why the hell not?!
Life ain’t easy, by any means. But when you look at the bright side, things get a little bit easier. Enjoy living your best lives, friends! 😘
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Stay Fly with Nick Montes Sunglasses

What if I told you you don’t have to wear sunglasses only when the sun is out? Yes, my friends. It’s possible to stay fly even in below zero temps. Throw on your shades and go!


Stand out. Escape. Find yourself with Nick Montes sunglasses. These fab frames are made of the finest acetate, metals, lenses, and polarization technology this planet can offer. And they look badass too.

Thanks to Nick Montes, I am obsessed with these frames perfect for all weather, east coast, west coast, and everywhere in between.


Manufactured in sunny California, but worn nationwide, Nick Montes sunglasses are sleek, well-crafted, and priced just right for quality shades.


Steal my look here. Nick Montes Icon Sunglasses. 

*Post possible on behalf of Nick Montes. All opinions are my own.*

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Pop of Color

To the person reading this, I don’t know where you live, but the weather here in Michigan has been absolutely delightful lately. We’re a true four seasons state, but 2016 weather has been treating us quite well. And while we all know this won’t last forever, we are still able to happily experience some extra days of legs out, sunshiney, non bone-chilling fall weather.

With the fall season comes a muted color palate, but warmer temperatures naturally make you want to bring out brighter colors. So next time you slip into a fall ensemble on bright day, don’t forget to add a pop of color as a nod to the warmth in the air.


I chose to pair this slate grey dress from Old Navy with my favorite fall booties and a mustard colored purse from Detroit’s own Zarkpa’s Boutique. This look brings fall and the warmth in the air together as one. But don’t forget your pops of color even when the weather is dark and gloomy.


Pops of color in the form of accessories are an easy fix to sprucing up any outfit this fall and winter. Stay bright. Stay fabulous.


*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous