Not Falling for Fall Yet

You guys and your pumpkin spice gotta find some chill! Look at the calendar. The official first day of fall is Friday, September 22, 2017. We still got a minute. I’m holding on to summer, and holding on tight. There’s nothing wrong with embracing brisk morning temps and sunny afternoons with appropriate style choices.

This is why my go-to has been muted hues with pops of color. Just the other day, I wore a long sleeve black dress and bright green Tory Burch sandals. And as I type this, I’m wearing a black tee and salmon flowy hilo skirt. Just enough to know that fall is approaching, but letting Mother Nature know to hold up on 60 and below temps.

Starting the day off with a light jacket or sweater and ending it with a t-shirt never hurt anybody. So don’t be so quick to grab your booties and puffy vests. The sun is still shinning and temps are rising. The key is to mix key summer pieces with subtle fall looks.

Make the most of the end of summer!

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Wedding Guest Style Guide w/The Black Tux

We’re in the thick of wedding season! Seems like every weekend there’s a wedding. Invites coming in the mail left and right, meaning we’ve got to plan out outfits; because you’ve got to look good when you witness your friends and family say, “I do!”

The Black Tux, an online tuxedo rental boutique (with reasonable prices, may I add) offers the perfect style guide for all types of weddings. From beach weddings to black tie, see below for the perfect guide to wedding guest style inspiration.

Ladies and gents, guest and wedding party – make the most of your wedding looks. Shop The Black Tux for rentals and more style tips and enjoy the rest of wedding season!

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Want To Add Spice To Your Style? Here’s Where To Shop

If style is one thing – it’s transformation. The world of fashion revolves around ever-changing ideas and concepts of style that means we can be left behind rather rapidly. This is an expensive mistake, as the latest fashion never comes cheap – if you want to be a forerunner in the fashion world, it will cost you. However, staying still can cost you just as much – nobody likes to be stuck with a boring style – there might be nothing worse when it comes to dress sense!

That’s the problem isn’t it? You try to be sensible and play it safe, and then you suddenly realize that your clothes are boring, that they don’t look as good as you’d hoped, and that they don’t reflect any aspect of you. It’s also the trouble with shopping – with so many brands adopting the same trends and fashion sensibilities, you can be stuck with the same-old, same-old no matter where you choose to shop. If it’s popular, it’s also just as likely to become boring overnight. What you need to find is something that works for you.

You need a little bit of spice. You need to sprinkle it over your style – not so that you can keep up with trends, but so you can avoid them and stick to your own path. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? So stick to your own definitions and buy clothes that work for you – not Gucci or Prada, or the big magazines. You’ll succeed here if you stick to the bar that you set!

Where can you shop though? The big branded shops can lead you back to boringness, while the expensive outlets can quickly lead to glaring fashion disasters. In the first instance, look online.

Not only are online lookbooks a great way to start curating our sense of fashion, they are also excellent resources to find little fashion quirks we like. All the branded shops have their own outlets online, so if we do turn to them for our fashion needs, we can find ourselves shopping with a bit more simplicity, rather than being stuck in a retail store that will cater to the many.  As well as this online boutiques are also leading the way with creative and independent brands that could really add something to your wardrobe. If you want to spice it up a bit, look online.

Don’t discount physical stores though – and not just typical fashion outlets. You might turn your nose up at it – but charity shops and discount stores are full of absolute gems, and some real authentic vintage gear. There’s a reason for a vintage hype right now – and it’s because that style has proved to be eternal.

If you want to add spice to your style, you might find the present a bit lacking. Look to the future through trendsetting boutiques, but also to the past and you may be able to mix and match to create your own look.

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Summer Essentials: ThirdLove

Summer essentials:

Sunnies ✔️

Hot pants ✔️

Strapless bra ✔️

Summer calls for fun, flirty looks, so you can’t forget how essential a good strapless bra can be! When you’re wearing your favorite tank or strapless top, what do you use for support?

offers simplistic yet supportive bras that will leave you pleased. If you’re like me and love a good bare shoulder top to compliment the warm weather, and have a decent sized chest, you’ll require a good strapless bra to keep the goods in place. Hence, a summer essential!

Check out all ThirdLove has to offer. And if you’re reading this and in the market for some support for the girls, enjoy a coupon code –  TLJNE10

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His and Hers Spring Looks with Bonobos

Look at the calendar. It’s officially spring! Officially time to start wearing bright colors, and less clothes. Weather permitting, of course.

I’ve teamed up with Bonobos to share some of my favorite his and hers looks featuring spring themed hues and warm weather garments. Check out some outfit inspo below!

Date Night:
Blue is perfect for spring. For starters, it’s one of those colors, no matter the shade, looks great on everyone. It’s also a color that transitions well from cold weather seasons to warm weather seasons, with the right accessories. These his and hers looks are perfect for a night out. Picture a cozy patio, your favorite cocktail, and your beau by your side for the perfect fashion-forward spring date night.

Travel Looks:
Take trips. And take them often with your bae! Especially to warm, sunny climates so you can pack pink. Shades of pink including salmon are perfect for spring time vacation fun, and it looks great with a tan. Use these his and hers outfits as inspiration for your next couples vacation.

Guys! Be sure to check out Bonobos for quality, and trend setting menswear. And if you’re in Michigan, visit the new Bonobos store in Downtown Detroit!

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Clothing Gifts For The Man In Your Life

When the time comes for you to buy a little something for the special person in your life – the perfect gift could come in the form of clothing! Not sure what to get or how to shop for him? Keep reading for some tips! 

Size Matters: 

The very first thing to think about is size. Getting the size right is pretty tough if you don’t know his correct measurments. What you want to do in a basic circumstance is to double check and triple check the sizing of the recipient’s current clothing and store this information. Sizes do change with fluctuations in weight, or even age, so keep yourself updated.

Men’s clothing is pretty simple as sizes are broken down easily and aren’t as complex or usually as tight-fitting as women’s clothing. This makes sizing a lot easier, but men can be pretty picky and stuck in their ways.

Style Watch:

Style is where you can go wrong, and it’s tricky to get right since it is so very personal. You can buy the wrong clothes here, and they won’t be worn. Just do your research and don’t be scared to ask, your gifts don’t always have to be mindblowing surprises! Keep an eye out for colors and patterns warn by the recipient – and rummage through the wardrobe to see what they like. Sometimes they could do with a refresh or a change, but don’t for get what he likes.  Does your man like trousers over jeans or shorts? Does he like blazers and polo shirts instead of patterned t-shirts? This information is freely available to you and will help you really master that clothing gift.


You can’t really go wrong with accessories; you just need to know the information that you can get – mainly if your partner has a  formal or informal style. Sunglasses are great, and some designer options suit everything from a day at a beach to a working al-fresco lunch. One thing to consider is eyesight – if your man wears prescription lenses, they won’t be able to see through the sunglasses you have bought for them unless they are molded to his prescription. Food for thought! Jewellery is also a huge personal touch, and it does depend on that formal style a lot more than sunglasses do. Informal dressers might like a mens gold chain option over cufflinks, while those who wear formal clothes often would appreciate a good watch as well as those cufflinks! In terms of more general options, informal dressers will like bracelets, necklaces and wristbands and formal dressers might appreciate a few pocket squares to accentuate an outfit.

Fancy Feet: 

Footwear is something simple as well . Think about it. What guy doesn’t want good boots, great loafers and/or leather shoes, and even sneakers?  Shoes never go out of style and you always need something on your feet. If you’re stuck on the best gift for your guy, footwear might save you. 
Buying gifts is hard work, but if you pay attention, you won’t go wrong!

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The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Branded Clothes & Accesories

Brand names. We all know them, but how much do we really love them? When wearing brand names, you’ve got to be careful to not plaster them over your entire outfit. Keep it trendy, but also keep it classy. Check out some tips on how to tastefully wear brand names. 


Avoid shouting the brand’s name too much

No, we don’t mean literally – this is more about how many times the brand name is emblazoned on your shirt, bag or the back of your jacket. The reasons why people buy branded products vary, but generally it is because they are a believer in high quality and because they want to portray a certain image. That does not, however, mean, that you need to have a brand name scrawled all over every single item that you wear. Wearing an outfit like this can totally devalue the worth of the brand, and it can make you look cheap – not what you want when you’ve spent a lot of money on top quality designer goods!

Mix things up

Ever thought about wearing high street and designer at the same time? Or mixing branded clothing with something reclaimed or vintage? Experimenting with your look this way is a great way to broaden your fashion repertoire, and you create some pretty interesting looks along the way. For example, why not wear the iconic Adidas originals alongside a vintage day dress for a cute and quirky look? Or layer a designer sweater over some distressed, ripped boyfriend jeans. The contrast of old meets new makes for a fascinating vibe and means that your outfit will really stand out in a crowd.

Stick to your personal taste

One mistake many people make when it comes to wearing branded clothes is that they assume that whatever the item is, it will look good simply because a designer has made it. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. You still need to bear in mind a lot of different things when buying top-end fashion – the prime one being whether the piece actually suits you or not. Take into account your body shape and what colors suit you when choosing a branded piece of clothing. No matter how expensive it was, it won’t look good if it’s the wrong shape, size or shade for your body. Remember that money can’t buy taste, so don’t buy something flashy just for the sake of it.

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