Getting Ready For Spring: 10 Clothing Trends

It will soon be time to kiss goodbye to winter! Not only does this mean we are saying adios to awful weather, but also the need to wrap up warm as well. Fashion often takes a backseat during the colder months, as our main concern is the freezing temperatures. But this is no longer the case when Spring arrives! So, you need to be prepared. Here are ten things that should be in your spring wardrobe…

2019 spring fashiontrends

1. Wide-Leg Trousers

Skinny jeans have been in fashion for years and years now. However, wide-leg trousers offer a welcomed alternative for the months ahead. Not only do they look great, but they are extremely comfortable too. They give your legs room to breathe and their effortlessly sleek style is ideal for a cool summer look. This is a garment you will get a lot of use out of throughout spring and summer.

2. Squares

Every year we have a new pattern that comes to the fore, and this time that pattern is squares. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase clothing with a cheesecloth pattern or you opt for a grid design, if squares are incorporated in the print you should definitely be rocking it.

3. Pastels

You won’t find a trend more consistent than pastel colors. Every spring lovely lilacs, mint greens, and baby blues appear on the market. But, who’s complaining? Pastel playsuits, like Petal & Pup Playsuits, are a must for the spring months ahead.

4. Jewels

It is time to lavish in all things jewels and crystals! Look for clothing boasting stunning and sparkly embellishment. This is ideal for those warm summer nights when you are attending a special event or going out for cocktails with the girls.  

5. Full Skirts

This trend is super fun and super feminine! Full skirts bring you in at the waist and so they can be extremely flattering. Full-length skirts have been popular on the runway, but it is advisable to go for a midi skirt instead. A full midi-skirt is much more wearable – from garden parties to office attire, you can’t go wrong.

6. Pink

The color pink was actually a massive trend throughout the winter months. Light and dusty shades gave off a beautiful winter wonderland feel. However, this trend has progressed for the upcoming seasons. Fashion is embracing more vivid shades, such as fuchsia.

7. Bohemian

Bohemian styles often make an appearance during the summer period. Thankfully it is a trend that is certain to be embraced this year! The great thing about this laid-back style is the fact that you can look runway ready without having to put in much effort. Comfy and fashionable – the perfect combo!

8. Lace

Lace shirts, lace skirts, lace dresses… lace is taking the fashion industry by storm. This trend is beautiful, intricate, and elegant. Light colors, such as ivory and pale pink, are ideal for creating a pretty look. However, why not mix it up and go for a bold shade instead? A vivid color will put a quirky and summery stamp on this trend.

9. Shoulders out!

A lot of women don’t like wearing a completely strapless top or dress, as they feel uncomfortable or lacking in support. Luckily, ‘shoulders out’ can be interpreted in many different ways. Look for clothes with one-sleeve or an off the shoulder design instead.

10. White Blouse

A white blouse may seem like a boring trend to finish this post on! However, this is certainly not the case. If you look at clothing websites over the coming months you will notice that white shirts and blouses have had a makeover. From quirky patterns to stunning embellishments, white blouses definitely aren’t going to be boring this year!

So there you have it, the top ten trends in fashion for the sunnier months ahead! What one is your favorite? Are you going to embrace your girly side and be pretty in pink? Or do you prefer the laid back bohemian style? No matter what option you go for, you are guaranteed to have eyes on you for all of the right reasons when rocking one of these stunning trends!

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8 Reasons to Embrace Online Shopping

When purchasing clothes, most of us would just head out to a store, try something on for size and then buy it. However, with the internet growing to become such a popular platform for shopping, more and more people are turning to web stores for the sake of finding their new styles and saving money on clothes. To help convince you that this is the new frontier for online fashion, here’s 8 brilliant reasons for why you too should embrace online shopping.

  1. Browse in the comfort of your home at any time

One of the most convenient things about online clothes shopping is the ability to shop online at your own discretion and being given 24/7 access to all the stores. It could be 3 AM  and you could still shop for clothes that can potentially arrive the next evening! No matter what time it is, online clothing stores are always open for business.

  1. Access to a wider range of styles

Another fantastic advantage of buying your clothes online is the access you get to a huge number of different styles. You’ll find that the selection of dresses on a website will far exceed the choice you get from a mall, and you can even dive into international styles. The fashion scenes in places like Italy or Japan are probably far from what you’d expect, and learning about overseas styles is a great way to augment your own. If you want to learn more about online styles, then it’s a good idea to take a look at some fashion blogs that specialize in the clothes that you can find in different parts of the world. You’ll usually come across communities that have the same interests as you and you’ll find even more websites on the internet that sell international fashion pieces. Just remember that shipping can sometimes be expensive if you’re buying something from across the world and you’ll likely have to pay customs depending on where you live and where you’re ordering from.

  1. Plenty of discounts, deals and other savings

If you want to be frugal about your fashion then look no further than buying online. There are plenty of discounts to be had and you’ll find that your loyalty is rewarded constantly with discount coupons and special deals. The best way to keep up with these deals is to follow clothing stores and brands on social media. They’ll occasionally tease upcoming sales and discount codes, so it’s never a bad idea to browse their Twitter account or Instagram now and then. You can also register for their newsletter on their website to get the latest news and offers sent directly to your inbox.

  1. Great return policies to make buying more secure

One of the biggest problems with online shopping is the fact that many people feel it’s difficult to return clothes. Thankfully, returns are now easy to process for most online retailers so there’s no fear if you accidentally buy the wrong size or if the colour they sent was incorrect. It’s usually the well-known retailers that have comprehensive returns systems. You should be wary of buying from websites like eBay because trying to process a return is usually a headache. Unless absolutely necessary, you generally want to avoid buying from online auction websites because there’s a good chance there will be scams and fakes floating around the listings.

  1. Online model images to help you picture the clothes

Clothes shopping is time-consuming because you need to try on everything that piques your interest. Before you know it, you’ll have spent several hours in the mall and you might not even walk out with something new to wear. With online stores, there are plenty of images on every online website that will help you decide if something is right for you or not. Just keep in mind that they’re usually worn by models and the images are often processed with Photoshop to make them look a little more pleasing to the eye.

  1. Quick shipping from most popular retailers

Shipping times are relatively quick now thanks to improved logistics systems. It’s possible to get your clothes within 24 hours from many major retailers, so you don’t have to wait around at all! Some retailers even offer same-day delivery or collection at the nearest local store if you’re buying from a well-known retailer that also has physical stores around. Collection options are usually subject to availability but can be handy for people that are busy and might not be at home to accept a delivery.

  1. Build confidence in your clothing without heading out

If the last thing you want to hear is the snickering of a clerk behind your back as you walk out of the store with a new dress, then online clothes shopping is a fantastic way to shop in confidence without being judged. Let’s face it, building a personal style is difficult and having the attitude to go with it is just as hard, which is why online clothes shopping is a safe way to shield yourself from judgemental staff members at a fashion boutique.

  1. Extremely convenient for those with busy lifestyles

Let’s face it, when’s the last time you really had time for shopping? If you’re a busy person, then online clothes shopping is a brilliant way to get yourself the latest trends without spending too much money or time. Simply log on when you have time (you can even shop for clothes on your phone!), browse around the latest styles, add to cart then they’ll arrive the next day.

As you can see, purchasing your clothes online is simple, convenient and a lot of fun. It’s definitely the prefered way to find your next outfit and can save you plenty of time.

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Image Source: She The People TV

Fashion Lessons to be Learned from the Effortless Italian

A bucket list destination of mine is Italy! So until then, I’ll follow their fashion.  There is no doubt that Italians have a flair for fashion, and an aspiring trendsetter should turn to the country for inspiration. But, what are the main lessons to take away from the eternally effortless Azzurri? The following are the ones to keep in mind.

Color Is Key

Now that the winter is here, it’s tempting to get in a rut no thanks to the likes of the Starks. Is it the end of the world, Jon?! The bad weather and the lack of sunlight lead lots of women to opt for neutral colors. The likes of blacks and white and creams are everywhere in the winter, and they can look the part. However, the Italians are always colorful and always stand out from the crowd as a result. Sure, it may not be seasonal but no one cares. The key is to use a neutral base layer and to add elements of color on top. A dark top and jeans combo, for instance, goes well with vivid shoes.

Buy Quality Materials

Italian women, and men for that fact, never look tired or outdated. Their clothes are always on point and in season, which is the reason they are appealing. How they do it is simple: invest in high-quality items. Rather than shop little and often, they would rather go big and then go home. Gucci, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana may be expensive, yet the material lasts forever and stays in fashion. Regardless of the year, you can dress to impress without updating the wardrobe.


This has to be one of the worst-kept secrets in fashion, but it’s one the Italians take to the next level. You can do it with almost any accessory, as the following paragraph will highlight, but jewelry is the gold standard. For starters, rings and bracelets add elegance to a part of the body that is pretty basic. Let’s face it – a manicure only goes so far. And, in keeping with the buying quality theory, it’s usually Roma designer jewelry or Marco Bicego. Aside from the obvious, pendants are a terrific way to add originality as necklaces are common.

Keep The Sunglasses On

Winter, it may be, but the sun still shines. At least, it does in Italy! Winter sunlight is one of the joys of an otherwise stressful and cold season. However, it too comes with pitfalls, such as blinding light which causes the retinas to take cover. And, if you are in a car, it’s not just annoying but dangerous. The Italians have a solution, and it’s called never taking off the sunnies. Not only is accessorizing essential, but it also adds a sense of glamour. Plus, it’s an original move in the winter.


Image Source: Who What Wear

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Mixing it up with Prints

Can we all agree that rules are made to be broken? If everyone followed the rules, life would be boring, right? I’m not going all criminal on you guys, but I do think the riles of fashion should surely be toyed with. Like wearing white after Labor Day, or pairing brown with black, or mixing prints and shades. Sometimes you gotta say screw it and do what you want and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!

I’m a strong supporter of mixing prints, wearing white after Labor Day, and paring brown and black. And although I don’t do it often, this post has inspired me to embrace some rule breaking a little more often.

I literally threw this look together because I thought it was cute, comfy, casual and I love these easy camo sneakers. Seriously, wear what makes you feel your best!
I’ve also enlisted the help of my fashionable friend and fellow rule breaker, Krystina, to help me with mixing prints outfit inspiration. She has paired the perfect-for-fall star sweater with Burberry rain boots. Rule followers may have slipped into a pair of black boots, but rule breakers step outside the norm.
There is no ryhme or reason to mixing prints or shades, ya just do it. Although this is on-trend, be sure to stand out by making your looks perfectly suit you. Have fun mixing it up!
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Not Falling for Fall Yet

You guys and your pumpkin spice gotta find some chill! Look at the calendar. The official first day of fall is Friday, September 22, 2017. We still got a minute. I’m holding on to summer, and holding on tight. There’s nothing wrong with embracing brisk morning temps and sunny afternoons with appropriate style choices.

This is why my go-to has been muted hues with pops of color. Just the other day, I wore a long sleeve black dress and bright green Tory Burch sandals. And as I type this, I’m wearing a black tee and salmon flowy hilo skirt. Just enough to know that fall is approaching, but letting Mother Nature know to hold up on 60 and below temps.

Starting the day off with a light jacket or sweater and ending it with a t-shirt never hurt anybody. So don’t be so quick to grab your booties and puffy vests. The sun is still shinning and temps are rising. The key is to mix key summer pieces with subtle fall looks.

Make the most of the end of summer!

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Wedding Guest Style Guide w/The Black Tux

We’re in the thick of wedding season! Seems like every weekend there’s a wedding. Invites coming in the mail left and right, meaning we’ve got to plan out outfits; because you’ve got to look good when you witness your friends and family say, “I do!”

The Black Tux, an online tuxedo rental boutique (with reasonable prices, may I add) offers the perfect style guide for all types of weddings. From beach weddings to black tie, see below for the perfect guide to wedding guest style inspiration.

Ladies and gents, guest and wedding party – make the most of your wedding looks. Shop The Black Tux for rentals and more style tips and enjoy the rest of wedding season!

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Want To Add Spice To Your Style? Here’s Where To Shop

If style is one thing – it’s transformation. The world of fashion revolves around ever-changing ideas and concepts of style that means we can be left behind rather rapidly. This is an expensive mistake, as the latest fashion never comes cheap – if you want to be a forerunner in the fashion world, it will cost you. However, staying still can cost you just as much – nobody likes to be stuck with a boring style – there might be nothing worse when it comes to dress sense!

That’s the problem isn’t it? You try to be sensible and play it safe, and then you suddenly realize that your clothes are boring, that they don’t look as good as you’d hoped, and that they don’t reflect any aspect of you. It’s also the trouble with shopping – with so many brands adopting the same trends and fashion sensibilities, you can be stuck with the same-old, same-old no matter where you choose to shop. If it’s popular, it’s also just as likely to become boring overnight. What you need to find is something that works for you.

You need a little bit of spice. You need to sprinkle it over your style – not so that you can keep up with trends, but so you can avoid them and stick to your own path. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? So stick to your own definitions and buy clothes that work for you – not Gucci or Prada, or the big magazines. You’ll succeed here if you stick to the bar that you set!

Where can you shop though? The big branded shops can lead you back to boringness, while the expensive outlets can quickly lead to glaring fashion disasters. In the first instance, look online.

Not only are online lookbooks a great way to start curating our sense of fashion, they are also excellent resources to find little fashion quirks we like. All the branded shops have their own outlets online, so if we do turn to them for our fashion needs, we can find ourselves shopping with a bit more simplicity, rather than being stuck in a retail store that will cater to the many.  As well as this online boutiques are also leading the way with creative and independent brands that could really add something to your wardrobe. If you want to spice it up a bit, look online.

Don’t discount physical stores though – and not just typical fashion outlets. You might turn your nose up at it – but charity shops and discount stores are full of absolute gems, and some real authentic vintage gear. There’s a reason for a vintage hype right now – and it’s because that style has proved to be eternal.

If you want to add spice to your style, you might find the present a bit lacking. Look to the future through trendsetting boutiques, but also to the past and you may be able to mix and match to create your own look.

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