Mix & Match Like a Pro

Are you constantly opening your wardrobe and staring inside in desperation that you can never find anything stylish, flattering or interesting to wear? It can be a daily battle to put together inspiring outfits that are always suitable and comfortable, yet feminine and sexy for every environment.
Today we are looking at discovering your staple wardrobe items and how to mix and match them to create endless outfits.

Find your Foundation Pieces
This is the best place to start. Find your timeless classics and staple pieces that are adaptable and versatile. These are the pieces in your wardrobe that are not fleeting or fashion forward, they are the items that stand the test of time. Think smart blazer, your best pair of jeans, and your favorite summer dress that makes you feel amazing. These pieces are called the foundation pieces as they are the clothes that you will be be building on.


Find your Flair

This next section is all about adding variety and flair on top of your foundation pieces. Think tops, cardigans, basically layers that add color and style to your basic wardrobe pieces.

As your foundation pieces may be more classic they will probably be more neutral and or dark in color. So this area of your wardrobe can afford to be more colorful and expressive. Select a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and think about how you can bring them together to bring your foundation pieces to life.

Find your Fabulous

This final section is all about setting your outfits and bringing all your pieces together. We are talking about accessories which tend to be the most difficult and therefore most neglected part of putting together an outfit. Go through your jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, and bags and organize them so they are easy to visualize when you’ve chosen your outfit. When choosing these final touches you want to match them more with your foundation pieces than with your layered pieces.

The Fun Part

Visualizing your outfits and playing with the endless possibilities of your wardrobe is where the process gets really creative. Spend time organizing your wardrobe into these three areas, then maybe organizing each section again either by color or level of formality.

Then spend time playing and matching. Using the same dress, put it with different scarves, jackets, shoes, bags and jewelry and watch it be transformed with each combination. Take your favorite pair of jeans and play with different t-shirts, blouses, belts, heels, flats, hats, sunglasses and scarves and again watch how all of a sudden your wardrobe explodes into endless possibilities.

There will always be times when a new purchase is necessary, but you don’t need to break the bank to find your perfect pair of jeans, summer dress or beach wedges. There are also more and more express coupons, promo codes & printable coupons in circulation than ever before, so there’s never been a better time to bag yourself a bargain.

Keep an eye out for little bargains and items that you think would fit your wardrobe well, thinking of the three different layered approach. By seeing your wardrobe in this different way you’ll be astounded by the endless outfit possibilities that it opens up.

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Life Hacks: 8 Ways to De-stress

How often do you stress about there not being enough hours in the day? Or does your to-do list never seem to end? We’re all very busy people and that’s life. In the midst of the craziness, it’s always important thing is to remember to take time to breathe! Read on for some of my personal life hacks to help make things a little bit easier.

  • Buy yourself some flowers….or something shiny! Flowers bring about peace. And shiny new things are always a fun distraction.
  • Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb. Those text messages and Instagram notifications will be waiting for you when you’re good and ready.
  • Write. Get a notebook and write down your thoughts, goals, a letter to someone who has been on your mind; anything you want!
  • Crack open a good book; even if it’s to learn something new. Right now I’m reading a PHR exam book and it’s refreshing to incorporate some knew knowledge into my life.
  • Listen to classical music. It’s soothing and there are no lyrics – nothing to clog or rot your thoughts.
  • Eat healthy and exercise. Even if it’s a brisk walk a few times a week, moving and eating right can have a positive effect in multiple ways.
  • Start saying NO! This one may be easier said than done, but once you start weeding out the unnecessary things, you’ll immediately start feeling better and finding more time for the things YOU want to do.
  • Pray! Talk to God. He’s always listening. Ask Him to guide you, give you strength, knowledge, and the power to keep up with those lengthy to-do lists.

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now

It’s crazy to think I’m less than 50 days away from turning the big 3-0. It certainly makes me reflect on where I am now vs where I thought it would be. Growing up, I wanted to graduate college and have my dream job directly after, be married by 26, and have my first child at 27/28. Boy life did not happen that way. But you know what? Everything happens for a reason and that’s ok that things didn’t turn out how I planned. You live and you learn!

And thanks to Earnest, personal and student loan refinancer, I’ve gone back and thought about some of the best years of my life – college! Attending and graduating from Central Michigan University helped shape me, helped kickstart my career, and helped form friendships of a lifetime.

But are there some things I wish I had done differently that may have changed where I am today? Of course! If I knew then what I know now, I’d tell myself this…

  • Start paying off loans while you’re in school
  • Save up at least $10 a month
  • You don’t NEED coffee. It may leave you with an ulcer in the end anyway.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as possible
  • Job shadow professionals in your field of interest

And here are a few things I’m happy I did in college that I’d like to share…

  • Take part in internships
  • Take summer classes at a Community College. It’s cheaper, your credits will transfer, and it can help you graduate earlier.
  • If you live close enough to home, go home for the weekend and take your laundry with you!

Preparing to head off to college? Visit Earnest for some great loan advice. Earnest provides a better way for students and grads to refinance student loans.

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Live Your Best Life

I was driving to work the other day thinking, geez this is going to be a stressful day. But then Ed Sheeren “Shape of You” came on and my mood instantly changed. It’s a fun song with a catchy beat, so it got me thinking, you know what, I’m living my best life! Work may be stressful, but I’m blessed to have a job that pays the bills and affords me the opportunity to spend my nights and weekends doing what I need to do to be truly happy.
Find out what makes you happy, and you too can live your best life. Travel, find love, do a good deed, buy that thing you’ve been wanting to buy, go to brunch with your friends, take your grandparents out to dinner.
Oh, and also, get your winter white in while you can. Spring will be here before you know it! I went to brunch with my gal pals the other and chose to create a Run DMC/Michael Jackson inspired look. Because why the hell not?!
Life ain’t easy, by any means. But when you look at the bright side, things get a little bit easier. Enjoy living your best lives, friends! 😘
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Flower Power

Even though we’ve been experiencing global warming-induces temps (not gonna lie, it’s scary but glorious), spring will be here soon! Prepare your home for the season, lift your spirits, and add some pops of color by placing fresh flowers throughout your living space.


Flowers smell good, look great, and just all around are the perfect accessory for the home. But do you ever worry about the longevity of your fresh flowers? No worries. Here are a few tips to keep your floral arrangements alive longer.


  • Cut the stems at an angle
  • Don’t use the entire bag of plant food in one setting.
  • Change water often. Add a little bit of food each time you change out the water.
  • Remove leaves towards the bottom of the stems so no leaves submerge in water.
  • Remember, flowers don’t always have to live directly in sunlight, but if you’re able to keep them close to a window, a little vitamin D won’t hurt.


And no need to stop by a pricey florist. Local grocery stores like Kroger and Trader Joe’s have a nice selection of affordable flowers. 🌺🌸🌼

Photos by Krystina Stanton

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Boot Season

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail. All forms of weather that can have a negative affect on the look and feel of your footwear.


Then there’s also dirt, dust, and those random drips and spills that can alter the look of your shoes. While suede and leather shoes look great in the fall and winter, you certainly have to be careful when it comes to the weather. But don’t worry! With the help of leather experts, King Ranch Saddle Shop, I wanted to share some of the best boot care tips to keep your footwear looking fabulous.

Boot Care Tips:

  • Remove dirt and stains with a toothbrush. But be sure to be gentle!
  • Use cornstarch, because it’s not just for cooking. Cornstarch aides in the cleaning of suede shoes.
  • Store boots in a cool, dry place – away from the window.

And now, here are some great tips from my friends at Kings Ranch.


Shop King Ranch for men and women.

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Date Night Ideas To Spice Up Your Week

The phenomenon of ‘date night’ has recently become more and more embedded in our society. Setting aside a night every week to do something fun with your partner has plenty of benefits. Many of us live such hectic lifestyles these days that we often find it difficult to make time to actually catch up with our partners. Even for those couples who live together, long working hours and other commitments can mean that you rarely get a night on the sofa together – let alone a romantic meal! Date night can be for anyone; whether you’ve been married for years or are just in the first throes of a new relationship. Use these ideas for inspiration on where date night could take you next.

The classic meal out

First date location with babe! Source: Detroit Eater

First date location with babe! Source: Detroit Eater

Nothing screams ‘date’ more than a romantic dinner for two. This kind of date night can be fun as you can make it as glamorous as you like. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good. With discount offers such as 6PM Promo Codes, you can get that date night look perfected on next to nothing. Dressing up for the evening will also make the date seem more special. Pick either an old favorite, like the restaurant where you had your first date, or get adventurous and try something new. Having dinner together can be a great way to catch up on each other’s lives if you’re feeling a bit out of the loop.

The adventure date

Detroit River

Detroit River

Who said that ‘date night’ had to be restricted only to the evenings? Make use of a day off work by enjoying a ‘date day’ together. Visit a local landmark or a museum together and fall back in love with where you live. Or, try an adventurous activity such as rock climbing, abseiling or mountain biking. Doing such a physical activity releases endorphins in the brain – the chemical responsible for a happy mood. You’ll be getting fit, feeling good and spending quality time together, which makes for a pretty successful date. You never know, you might even get hooked and end up booked in every week.


The stay at home date 

Steak and potatoes dinner at home!

Steak and potatoes dinner at home!

Sometimes, our finances catch up with us and it simply isn’t practical to spend money on food and activities outside the home. Or, sometimes we just want to spend time in our cozy living room after a hectic week. Thankfully, there are plenty of date ideas you can do in your home that won’t cost you a fortune. Instead of one of you cooking a meal for the other, try cooking dinner together. The team effort will bring you closer together and you’re likely to have some laughs along the way – especially if you are baking! Once you’ve made your food, settle in for a movie night on the couch with a selection of films you’ll both enjoy. Or, go old-school and dig out some old board games to play together. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have.

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