Summer Cocktails Perfect For 4th July

If you’ve got any summer parties planned over the coming weeks, then you need to have some stunning cocktails to wow the crowds, right? In summer a lot of cocktails tend to be based around the ‘clear’ spirits like gin, vodka or tequila. While I totally understand why people have those thoughts (I mean, tequila and lime just screams hot weather, right)? There is still a place for some other spirits like whiskey. It doesn’t just have to be a spirit for colder months. Holler if you enjoy a good whiskey. 

Whiskey in all of it’s forms, bourbon, rye, Scotch, Irish or even Japanese can be used all year round. The fun thing in summer is to make them into cocktails, though, rather than just drinking it neat. It also helps that a Japanese whiskey called Kikori goes well with some traditional summer foods that you’d have at a BBQ, like barbecue ribs and grilled peaches, for instance. Lookup a Kikori whiskey review if you don’t believe me. It’s hints of caramel and vanilla go perfectly for summer. But if you’re still not convinced, then here are a couple of whiskey cocktail recipes to try. I’d love to hear what you think!

Whiskey Sours

You will need:

  • Your favorite Whiskey
  • Lemon Juice
  • Sugar Syrup

This is such an all-American classic; it makes it perfect for summer. Simply mix together, with the portions to your liking.

Lemonade Zinger

You will need:

  • Your favorite Whiskey
  • Lemon and lime soda (Sprite)
  • Triple sec (orange-flavored liqueur)
  • Sour mix mixer

A lot of people that are fans of a Jack Daniels and Coke might be reluctant to try this more citrusy version. But it is the perfect combination for a summer’s night, and it gives you a nice refreshing boost. You don’t have to get lots and lots of expensive mixers with this drink, though. As long as you’ve got yourself a good whiskey, it will taste divine. The sweet and sour combination works really well.

Old Fashioned

You will need:

  • Your favorite Whiskey
  • Chopped peaches
  • Blackberries
  • Sugar syrup
  • Sparkling water

If blackberries and peaches don’t scream summer, then I don’t know what else will? This combo makes for a super refreshing drink, and a bit less daunting than the lemonade zinger. The sparkling water makes it much more refreshing, as well as weakening the taste of the whiskey. So this is a good one to start with for anyone that isn’t too keen on the idea of whiskey in a cocktail. Serve them this and their mind will be changed!

Kentucky Kiss

You will need:

  • Your favorite Whiskey
  • Lemon juice
  • Strawberry puree
  • Maple syrup

If you’re after a cocktail that is good enough to eat, then this is the one for you. Plus, they are perfect for summer with the addition of strawberries, which are the perfect summer fruit. Mixed with whiskey, especially a bourbon, can make for a match made in heaven. It is really simple to make too. Just get the puree ready, through mashing and straining some super ripe and ready berries. Then mix together with the other ingredients.

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Brunch So Hard

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? I’m talking about a delicious meal accompanied by mimosas, or bloody Mary’s, and a table full of friends. Brunch has become a favorite pastime of our generation, so cheers to the genius who said let’s dedicate about 4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays to being merry, and eating and drinking!

I’ll be heading to DC this weekend for a quick getaway, and I fully anticipate a boozy filled brunch. With that, I’ve clicked through Paperless Post to find the perfect brunch invitation.

Screen shot 2016-08-31 at 10.21.46 AM

What better way to invite friends to share a day with champs and OJ + food than with this super cute Paperless Post-created invitation?

This will be my first time visiting the US capital and I’m very excited to see historical monuments, like the White House, but more importantly, I need that DMV seafood in my belly! A Chesapeake Bay Crab Omelet and mimosas will be my choice for the weekend.

Let’s pop bottles, friends! Be sure to check out Paperless Post for your invitation needs for brunching and beyond.

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How To Be The Hostess With The Mostess At Your Next Dinner Party

With the colder months gradually creeping up on us, nights out on the town will soon be traded for nights in under the duvet. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying time with your friends and family. Hosting a dinner party is one of the perfect ways to enjoy the best of both worlds, and now is the time to do it.

Check out some tips below to help you produce a memorable night!

dinner party


Get The Slow Cooker Out

Great food is central to any successful dinner party. This is why embracing the power of your slow cooker is a great way to achieve great food while still allowing yourself time to enjoy your guests. In fact, you can have the bulk of the work completed very early in the day. This will leave you more time to think about other preparations.

Having the food sorted will also make you feel more relaxed. You’ll enjoy the night better and, therefore, so will your guests.

Take Entertainment Outside

Autumn is a truly beautiful time of year. If you’ve got a patio area in your garden, taking the party outside is a fantastic option.

Depending on the food you serve, you may even want to eat outside. If not, taking the party into the garden for fun and chatting is a great way to break the evening up and keep the fun flowing. Just be sure that you’ve invested in a garden heaterFrom a personal perspective, knowing that there’s less chance of injuries or broken household items is a massive bonus too.

Look The Part

As most of you readers will already know, I never need an excuse to dress up to make myself feel extra special. Nonetheless, hosting a dinner party is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

While you will want to look great, it’s important to embrace the comfort of being at home too. Jumpsuits are my current favorite trend for such occasion. Not least because it’s versatile enough to suit both indoor and outdoor activities.

Dressing up plays a huge part in building the right atmosphere and ambiance. Don’t underestimate how important this factor can be to your night.

Don’t Forget The Drink

Let’s face it, a nice adult beverage will play an integral role in your evening. After all, this is meant to be an entertaining night of leisure with your friends.

Choosing the right drink to accompany the meal is vital, and buying French wine online is often a great selection. Moreover, this can also ramp up the enjoyment and relaxation throughout other areas of the night.


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Whiskey Business

When life gives you a Thug Life Shirt, you put it on and you rock it! Thug Life Shirts is a small apparel company making a big statement with its humorous shirts and tees. And thanks to Thug Life Shirts, I get to rock my new favorite motto in the form of fashion – “Rather Be Someone’s Shot of Whiskey Than Everyone’s Cup of Tea”


As you may know, I love a good cocktail, and a perfect pint of beer; but I really do fancy a delicious shot of Whiskey! Tullamore Dew is my favorite to be exact. Thanks to my special shot of whiskey for introducing me to this drink of choice. 😉

Thug Life Shirts offers pages of t-shirt options with phrases we’re all thinking but don’t always say, like, “Y’all Need Jesus” or “I’m a Lady With the Vocabulary of a Well Educated Sailor” and even “My Neck, My Back, My Netfix & My Snacks”

Head on over to Thug Life shirts and pick which shirt best represents you. And while you’re at it, feel free to use the coupon code FAB10 for a hot little discount (10% off your purchase)!


Drink responsibly and enjoy your tees!

Photo Credit: Another whiskey lover, Developed. Photography by Andrea

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Detroit Melting Pot

Outside of my 9-5 job as a Talent Recruiter, I freelance as a Social Media Manager at a Marketing and Branding firm called Saga Marketing. Saga is based in the heart of downtown Detroit, so I love every opportunity I get to visit the office. Saga is filled with amazingly talented and creative people plus it has a great view of the city!

Me in Detroit

When I popped into the Saga office last Friday, I went on a mini adventure with graphic designer wiz and fellow fashion and beauty blogger, Nailah of The Moda Intersection and we made some new friends along the way! What started as me being a tester as she adjusted her camera to the best settings, turned into a photo shoot with some cool Detroiters.

Detroit 1

When you visit downtown Detroit, you never know who you’ll run into. As businesses continue popping up and the city keeps thriving, Detroit has become a nice little melting pot. A couple saw us snapping photos and politely invited themselves to join our shoot and we graciously welcomed them to our fashion escapades. Although we didn’t get their names, we’ll always remember them with their iconic brown paper bag. Because hey, it’s always 5:00 somewhere! Cheers!

Detroit 2


Detroit 3

Outfit details: 
Sweatshirt (Boys department at Meijer)
Vest (Old Navy)
Shoes (Target)


*Photo Cred: The Moda Intersection

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Martell Cognac Celebrates Detroit Fashion

In the true spirit of F.A.B Cocktail, I want to introduce you to what might be my new favorite drink – Martell Cognac. While Cognac is typically a “man’s drink”, Martell is pleasing to anyone’s palate. It goes down smooth and doesn’t leave that harsh after taste. That’s how you know it’s a good cognac!

And unlike other drinks, Martell comes with a message. Martell is currently touring the U.S. stopping in notable cities including my stomping grounds of Detroit, to celebrate young trailblazers with an official celebration hosted by Rob Hill Sr. called Martell Iconic Blueprints.The Martell Iconic Blueprints program is a way to honor those in the community who embody the vision of the Martell brand, defying and exceeding expectations and inspiring others to do the same. As Martell stopped in Detroit, Tommey Walker of DETROIT VS EVERYBODY was celebrated as an emerging icon.

Tommey Walker and Rob Hill Sr.

Tommey Walker and Rob Hill Sr.

Even if you’re not from Detroit, you may have heard of DETROIT VS EVERYBODY. It is a clothing brand that embodies the pride and unapologetic spirit of the gritty but passionate city of Detroit.

Rob Hill and Tommey Walker kicked off the night with an inspiring conversation about being a Martell emerging icon and the future of DETROIT VS EVERYBODY.

So in the end, it was a fabulous night honoring hard work and fashion, with good drinks and good people. I raise my glass and toast to DETROIT VS EVERYBODY and all the other Martell men. Congrats to you!

To follow Martell Blueprints and learn more about this tasty beverage, visit

To learn more about DETROIT VS EVERYBODY or to purchase your apparel, visit

Scenes from the night!

Scenes from the night!

Many thanks to the team who invited me to this private event. Good times were had!

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G’Vine: The Fashionable Gin

So guess what? It’s thirsty Thursday! It’s the prelude to the weekend and I’ve got a great liquor company to share with you called G’Vine Gin. G’Vine Gin is known as the fashionable gin and it’s absolutely tasty.

I had the chance to chat with one of G’Vine Gin’s own, Audrey, to get all the fashionable details on G’Vine:

I love the name G’Vine. How did you come up with it?

We were looking for a name that would be intrinsically related to the product and be understood in any languages. We had several formal brainstorming, but the name G’Vine came up one evening while sipping a G’Vine & Tonic with friends and family! The G stands for Gin and Grape. And Vine relates immediately to the unique origin and base ingredient of our gin, the grape. Actually, if you read the name on the packaging, you can see Vigne in French which means Vine. Personally, I really like the way of how G’Vine sounds and rimes with Divine…

Since G’Vine is The Fashionable Gin, how do you personally associate fashion with your cocktails? 

G’Vine is a wonderful “accessory” for any fashionista, whether she enjoys it at home or at an event. G’Vine’s contemporary and sleek packaging, which refer to its roots in the beautiful south-western villages of France, where grapes grow and vine flowers ripen, is the unmissable bottle you need on your bar. G’Vine has been immediately embraced by the fashion industry: it’s been a partner of the Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for 3 years now where the Kissing Room, a gorgeous private lounge where G’Vine cocktails flow, welcomes designers and fashionistas view here and we just helped French Rebellion, a group of French designers, launching their brand at the New York Fashion Week. I personally try to stay classy in all circumstances and have my favorite accessory, a hat.

G'Vine hat

What is your favorite drink to make with G’Vine?

For me, cocktails are like clothes: it depends on the weather, the occasion and my mood. The equivalent of a flowery dress and straw hat for a picnic or petanque would be a bright G’Vine and tonic served in a large wine glass with lots of ice cubes. For an evening on a rooftop, I would opt for a G’Vine Basil Smash mixing gin, basil leaves, lemon juice and a tiny dash of simple syrup: sophisticated yet not pretentious. And for a festive occasion or celebration, the little black dress with a colorful accessory is a must and pairs perfectly well with a French 75, a traditional cocktail made with G’Vine, June liqueur, lemon juice, and champagne.

Where can G’Vine be purchased?

G’Vine can be found in any upscale liquor stores in the US. In New York, that would be Astor Wines, Park Avenue Liquor, 67 Wines, Brooklyn Wine Exchange, Winfield Fynn, just to name a few. And you can always purchase it online through websites like DrinkUpNY.

Will G’Vine just top at Gin – what’s next for the company? 

G’Vine has already welcomed a few other members in its family since its creation in 2006: June, a delicious liqueur made from the flowers of grapes; Excellia, a handcrafted tequila aged in Sauternes wine and Cognac barrels; and we’re about to launch a brand new vermouth on the American market. It’s all about grapes for us!
G'Vine Gin

Myself along with a few friends have personally tried the gin and we all agree that it’s an honestly good drink. It goes down smooth and the flavoring is perfectly light and refreshing. Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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