Don’t Let The Turkey Steal All The Show

Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. These are likely to be the main foods on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Since the early 20th century, the turkey has occupied one of the most critical places in the Thanksgiving preps. It’s so crucial to the celebration that more and more Americans refer to Thanksgiving as (Happy) Turkey Day. For anyone who’s inviting friends and relatives over, the pressure is not only about finding a big enough turkey but also making sure that you can get the juiciest bird in town. Nobody likes a dried slice of meat!

However, as more and more people are looking for meat-free alternatives to Thanksgiving – either before they are vegetarian or because they’re worried about the impact their meat consumption has on the planet – it’s time to turn Turkey Day into Happy Family, Feast and Fun Day.

Floral Dress

The autumnal style you want to show off

What’s the best thing you can do to take your guests’ minds off the traditional turkey dish? You need to dress up for the occasion – instead of wearing your best oven gloves and kitchen apron above your dress. One of the common mistakes hosts make is to want to put their best clothes on while worrying that they might stain the outfit. As a result, you end up hiding behind an oversized apron. Instead, you could pick a cozy and pretty dress – have a look at long floral dresses this season – that is easy to maintain. This will makes sure you feel comfortable walking around without your kitchen gear on!

You don’t have time to go OTT

You want to look your best, but remember that you also need to host a party. You can’t afford to spend hours pampering and styling in front of the mirror. But you can try quick and straightforward hair updos that keep your look casual and stylish at the same time. With a few twists and sophisticated knots, you could recreate a classic hairdo from the Glorious 1930s – do try the Great Gatsby style if you’ve got long hair – in a matter of minutes.

It’s not all about the turkey

As we’ve said, if you want to remove the turkey from the dinner’s preparations, you can leave it out. When Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday, the turkey wasn’t even part of the menu. The first pilgrims didn’t eat turkey either during their three days of feast. So, you don’t need to put a turkey on the table if you don’t want to. For meat-hungry guests, a charcuterie platter can be a fantastic alternative. Serve it with a few crackers and some crudites as a starter, for instance. If you prefer a meat-free option, everybody will cheer at the sight of a roasted butternut squash risotto: It’s both healthy and delicious, especially if you add plenty of Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs before serving!

Pecan Pie

Wow your guests with a yummy pie

Finally, if you decide to skip the turkey, you can spend more time making a homemade sweet pie. While pumpkin is a favorite, you can be creative and surprise your guests with a cream and cider apple pie. A coconut custard pie also offers a fantastic palate-cleansing flavor at the end of a rich meal.

Does a turkey make Thanksgiving? Of course not! All you need is to look and feel your best to make the most the holiday with your loved ones. Besides, they are plenty of yummy turkey-free alternatives to keep your guests satisfied.

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