How To Overcome Your Feelings Of Fashion Envy

Who doesn’t get a little feeling of fashion envy from time to time? When you don’t have the money to spend on whatever the current celebrity trend is, you can only dream and reflect on what it might be like to have the opportunity to spend a day (literally) in their shoes!

How many of you have gazed wistfully at the trend-setting style outfits chosen by new princess Meghan Markle? It’s unlikely many of us can afford to stretch our budget to the $18,000 Givenchy outfits she has been strolling around in! And if you’re planning on getting married, you probably won’t be able to afford that stunning Givenchy wedding dress of $265,000. And you most certainly won’t be able to afford the $350,000 cost of her engagement ring. Jealousy, anybody?

And it’s not only the celebrities we see parading around in the latest trends that cause us envy. There are those people ‘like us,’ who seem to find the funds to keep up with the latest trends. Admittedly, they are probably working multiple jobs to get the desired look, but how many of us have the time to do that? We walk by them in the shopping malls and feel inadequate in what we are wearing. We see them picking up clothes at high-end fashion boutiques while we stand idly by window shopping. If only we could have what they have.

So, how can we overcome fashion envy? Should we lock ourselves in at home, and never hit the high street again? Should we stop going online to avoid the temptation to peek at the latest celeb fashion? No, of course, we shouldn’t. But while we can’t afford everything that causes us envy, we can still find ways to look good at cut-down prices.

  • We can embrace online shopping, signing up for discount coupons and information on special deals from our favorite fashion stores. And there are plenty of cheap fashion websites, so we still have the opportunity to look good at a fraction of the usual budget.


  • We can wait a few months before parting with our cash, as there are always going to be sales online and in our local high street, where we can buy something fashionable at a cheaper price than the original sales tag. As fashion trends change all the time, we need only bide our time to grab ourselves something glam, even if we don’t always get to stay in line with the newest trend.


  • We can start saving our money on those things we really like, rather than bemoan the fact that we have no money. We can save for our wedding, so while we won’t be to afford the expense of old Sparkle Markle (as we are now calling her), we might still be able to afford something highlighted in this James Allen review. And we can save for those other events in our life when we need something good to wear, rather than wasting our hard-earned cash on fashion accessories that we don’t really need in the meantime.


  • We can visit charity stores, something that many people turn their noses up at! But listen, if you visit those stores in high-end places of your town, who knows what may have been donated from the more affluent members of your community?

And finally, you don’t need to have fashion envy at all if you’re comfortable with the way you look. If you’re happy in your outfit, who cares what anybody else thinks? But if you do want to follow fashion, you can overcome feelings of envy by following the ideas mentioned above. Or you could ‘simply’ marry a Royal yourself, and never have to worry about having fashion envy ever again!

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