An Unconventional Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Hallmark Holidays, I can’t help but think, why do we have to set aside just one day to express our love? Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day (Midwest holiday for women to cater to their men). We get pumped up with pomp and circumstance because card companies tell us to. But you know what, at the end of the day it is a great excuse to get cute!

So to express my love/hate relationship for these holidays, this year, my Valentines Day look will be unconventional.

Typically Valentine’s Day ensembles call for red, pink, or lots of hearts. Not for this girl. Date night for Valentine’s Day this year will include leopard print and a single hint of red. Do ya see it?


I’ll rock with you babe. So to show my love, I’ve got this tee from H&M, pulled together with a leather skirt originally from Francesca’s but most recently from Krystina’s closet. And to keep warm, a faux fur coat to hang over my shoulders for affect.

Black and grey with subtle hints of drama make for an edgy, unconventional Valentine’s Day #ootd.



Do February 14th a little different this time around and wear something you’d never wear. Also, let’s spread love outside of Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day. More chocolate and flowers on random days, boys and girls! ❤️

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous