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Healthy Food Tips You Can Learn from Indian Cuisine

October 27, 2016

There are hundreds of tips you can use to make healthy meals. One of the excellent things you can do is look at other cuisines from around the world. There are lots of different cultures that have healthy and delicious foods you can experiment with. Indian cuisine is actually a collection of different cooking styles. They come from different regions in the country. While there are some dishes that are less healthy, there are also plenty of healthier tips you can pick up from Indian cooking. Try these ideas to make your food healthier, whether you’re making Indian food or something different.
Flavoring with Herbs and Spices
Indian cooking uses plenty of herbs and spices to flavor dishes. Learning to use them properly can take a long time, but can take your cooking skills to a new level. You don’t have to be making an Indian-inspired dish to spice your food well. Using herbs and spices allows you to rely less on other types of flavoring. For example, you can cut down on salt, fats, and condiments for healthier meals. Try out different herbs and spices, including mixes and rubs. You can get different products from all over the world, so don’t be shy about experimenting. From Cajun spice to Ras-al-hanout, you can make simple meals more interesting.
Plenty of Vegetables and Fish
There are several different types of cuisine in India. Some areas favor meat, while others are vegetarian or use a lot of fish. Some places have creamy sauces, while others use more tomato or other vegetables. You can find plenty of options if you’re looking for dishes with vegetables or healthy fish. Many Indians are vegetarian, so you can find lots of vegetarian or even vegan meals to try. You can learn to bulk up meals with legumes and pulses, from lentils to chickpeas.
Using Alternative Fats
Indian cooking often uses alternative fats, instead of oil or butter. Two options to consider are coconut milk (or oil) or grassfed ghee. Ghee is a type of clarified butter, which doesn’t contain casein or lactose. So it’s better for anyone who is lactose intolerant, as well as anyone trying to be healthier. Although it is higher in fat than normal butter, you can use it sparingly to impart flavor. However, watch out for the fat content of some Indian meals. Many have creamy sauces, while there are also items that are fried in lots of oil.
Healthy Cooking Methods
Another thing you can learn from Indian cooking is to use different cooking methods. While there are many fried Indian foods, not all of it is. One healthy method of cooking is tandoori, a form of grilling with little or no oil. The quick cooking method ensures that nutrients aren’t lost from your food. You can also boil, steam or bake plenty of Indian foods, as well as other cuisines.
You can learn some great healthy-eating tips from Indian food. Just don’t assume that all Indian food is healthy. You need to watch out for high-fat content too.
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