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How Small Changes in Your Cooking Can Make a Big Difference

August 15, 2016

Making small changes in your cooking can make a big difference to the taste, health and overall amount you and your loved ones enjoy your food. Let’s take a look at which can make a big difference you are sure to notice and love.
First up, you may need to tackle how long you are baking or cooking things for. Under cooking and overcooking food is never good. Under cooked meals can lead to food poisoning. Even the tastiest meal in the world isn’t good enough if it makes you feel poorly afterward. Under cooking can also ruin the taste, flavor and overall punch of a meal or food. Take bread, for example. Some think that ‘brown’ means ‘burnt’. As a result, they take the food out of the oven before it has a chance to brown, or before it gets brown enough. In doing so, you are robbing your creation of its flavor. While you need to cook things like meat thoroughly, don’t go overboard. Doing so can make it chewy, coarse and unpleasant.
Some may believe that getting a higher quality of the main ingredient should be your priority. So, if you are making a steak pie, top quality steak will make all the difference. Indeed, it may do. But attention should also be given to the most basic ingredients you’re also using. Take olive oil, for example. You may just dash a bit of basic oil into your pan before cooking your onions and garlic. But what may seem like a minor ingredient can actually make a huge difference? This goes for all ‘minor’ ingredients, like spices and seasoning. So, search online for a gourmet olive oil store. Make the most of visiting countries where their food is tasty and delicious. If you’re going to Morocco or Turkey, for example, stock up on fresh spices while you’re there! Buy big bags, as they won’t go off, but just be sure to seal them well. This means that every time you cook, you basic ingredients set the tone for the rest of the meal; delicious and full of flavor. Be sure you stock up before you run out of this kind of thing, or you’ll be able to tell the difference straight away!
What about when you’re cooking from scratch? It may be that when you cook, you make everything yourself apart from one key ingredient. So, perhaps you make a bolognese but use a store-bought bolognese sauce. While this might save on time, effort and perhaps even money, it is far wiser to make the sauce yourself. Why? Because then you have 100% of the control of your ingredients. Store-bought products often have very high levels of sugar and salt, as a quick-fix way to make them taste good. They also usually contain chemical additives, in order to give them a longer shelf life. As a result, even the healthiest meal in the world can be ruined by one store-bought can or tin of product.
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