5 Tricks to Feel and Look Refreshed for the Day Ahead

We all have those nights when it’s hard to sleep. We end up staring at the ceiling for hours, and keep tossing and turning to try and get some rest. Unfortunately, it means we wake up feeling and looking like we have had little rest. Here are five tricks to help you feel and look refreshed for the day ahead.

feel refreshed

Use a good moisturizer

One trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to splash some water on your face. It will wake up your blood vessels and give your face a smoother and toned look. Then you need to use a great thick moisturizer to ensure you remove any dryness from your tired face. It will also ensure you have a smooth base to then apply makeup. Also, it can help to calm any breakouts which may have occurred during your bad night’s sleep!

Energize yourself with coffee

Another trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to boost yourself with coffee. Coffee can lift your mood and give you the energy to feel like you are motivated for the rest of the morning. You could have a black coffee or a milky latte to start off your day. You could also make a quick espresso which will give you the necessary antioxidants. You could get an espresso maker at home so you can easily make a coffee if you are running out of time. You can find the best espresso maker online.

Use an eyelash curler

An additional surprising trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to use an eyelash curler. It can open your eyes so that people won’t know you have had little sleep the night before. It will make you alert and will ensure you look great although you are tired. And as this feature suggests, it’s an excellent way to perk up your face when you are exhausted! Therefore, get hold of a handy eyelash curler to enhance your eyes!

Add some blusher

Another trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to add some blusher to your cheeks. When you have had a lack of sleep, your face will often look pale and tired. Therefore, adding some blusher to your cheeks will make your face come alive and will help you to look great. It distracts from the bags under your eyes from lack of sleep and will make your face look vibrant.

Eat a healthy breakfast

You should also make sure you eat a healthy breakfast if you want to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead. It will make you feel motivated and ready to face the day, even after little sleep. Make sure it’s nice and healthy to ensure your body gets the essential nutrients and vitamins. If you don’t have time to cook breakfast, you could make a smoothie to take along with you to work. You can add plenty of fruit and vegetables to help give your body some love after a sleepless night!

Remember that you could always have a run around the block. Exercise can prevent the symptoms of sleep deprivation!

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