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Creative Ways To Mark A Milestone

April 27, 2016

There are many times when we might reach a milestone in our lives. Perhaps it is something as major as a graduation, engagement, or wedding anniversary. It might mark the passing of a relative, or the end of a recovery period. It could even be something as simple as finishing a work assignment that was causing us stress. Whatever our personal milestones, we should always feel entitled to celebrate. Life can be full of challenges and we are more likely to meet them positively if we celebrate our successes; and rewarding ourselves after achieving a goal or reaching a milestone encourages us to continue. It gives us the time to reflect on our achievements and then the momentum to continue to achieve more! If you’ve reached a milestone and want to mark it in some way, there are several creative ways to do this.
Meet With Friends
Sometimes, when we’re working hard to achieve a goal or recover from something significant, our social life can suffer. We might have isolated ourselves deliberately or simply found that we didn’t have the time to stay in touch. Now is the time to make amends. Celebrating with friends and family is a great way to draw a line under a particular period. We can communicate our feelings, gain some perspective, and surround ourselves with positivity.  It can be as simple as a brunch date over mimosas, or even coffee at home can be just as fun. This is an opportunity to invite your friends and family back into your world and to thank them for their contribution ans support.
Mark It With A Keepsake
Many people mark particular milestones with an item that is meaningful for them. It might be a gift like a framed photograph or a little shopping spree as a pat on the back. Jewelry is also a particularly popular item to mark an event, and it’s easy to see why. We can keep jewelry with us at all times and it becomes precious over time too. We can pass it down through our family if we so wish and treasure it all our lives. Diamonds made from human ashes are an increasingly popular engagement present, for example. They give the wearer the opportunity to feel that a lost loved one is still with them through significant milestones in their life. We can apply the same principle of marking a milestone with an object that will always remind us of it.
Journal The Experience
You may not have any ambitions to become the next great American novelist, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t write. Many people love to journal their thoughts, feelings, and achievements. It can help to clarify the mind to organize your thoughts and anxieties. It can also be a comfort and a pleasure to return to the journal after a certain length of time. You can relive your achievements and feel accomplishment for how far you’ve come. Journaling is a great way to mark a milestone and reflect on all that you’ve learned.
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