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How to Look Glam and Still Have Cash This Summer

March 17, 2016

glam on a budget
It’s coming up to the time of year when the wedding invites start rolling in. Summer is the peak time for weddings, and most people receive at least one invite a year to a friend or family’s nuptials. It’s a time of great joy. The union of two people in a partnership bound by love is a beautiful thing, and it’s a great chance to share in some happiness. Then there are christenings. Wedding anniversaries. Birthdays. Divorce Celebrations. Bar Mitzvahs. Proms, parties and more weddings. It never seems to stop, does it?
It can get expensive when you have all these events to attend. You have to consider even the smallest costs involved, and these can mount up without you even being aware. You have to factor in how you’re going to get there for a start. If it’s far away from home or transport might be an issue, then you are going to need somewhere to stay.
There are lots of functions you may be required to go to, both for work and for pleasure. In this day and age, it makes sense to try and save money where you can. These things don’t come cheap! If your diary is chock full of your friends celebrations, it can wallop your budget. No one wants to be continually having to watch every little thing they spend, so it makes sense to make savings where you can.
Try and wear outfits more than once. True, no one’s like to be seen in the same thing at each event, but if you’re smart you can switch it up. If you’ve worn one dress to a work function that none of your friends attended, then you can definitely get away with wearing it again. Social media has been the kiss of death for clothes’ longevity, as your pics show how often you’re slipping into that LBD!
Accessorize to give garments a whole different look. Be chic with scarves or make a statement with some bold and fashionable jewellery. A secret used by those with a fashionable sense of money saving style are sites like Here you can buy silver jewellery at wholesale prices, and you don’t have to place a big order. Purchase a couple of pieces for next to nothing, compared to the retail price! You’ll be the belle of the ball but for a fraction of the cost.
Why not have a dress swapping party with your friends? You can borrow each other’s unique evening wear and help your pals save some money.That’s what friends are for, is it not? Make a night of it and buy some nibbles and drinks. Lending each other frocks is an excellent opportunity to catch up with your girly friends. We’re all so busy these days it’s always welcomed when there’s an excuse to all get together and hang out with our nearest and dearest. Don’t forget to bring shoes, bags and accessories too; you’ll be surprised at how different you can make something look. They might not be brand new, but they will be new to you!
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