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Everything You Need to Know About Gemstones

March 17, 2016

Gemstones can really enhance a piece of jewelry. They can take a simple gold or silver necklace or bracelet and add a pop of color, as well as a lot of glitz and glamor! However, they can also increase the price tag of jewelry. So before you invest in a beautiful item covered in gemstones, it is important to know exactly what you are buying. Here is my guide to everything you need to know about gemstones.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so there’s no wonder that they are the most popular jewel! They come in a lot of different colors, shapes, and sizes, all of which will affect their price. A very pure diamond will be extremely clear. These are very expensive. For something cheaper, go for a slightly tinted white color. You will also need to take the stone’s clarity into consideration, as this also has an effect on the price. Also, look at the diamond’s clarity. Natural scratches and blemishes will affect the quality and price. If you still aren’t really sure which rock to pick, use a service such as Whiteflash review to help you out.
Rubies are popular red stones, which are known as sapphires if they are any other color. The main factor in determining a ruby’s value is the intensity of its redness. Very red stones and ones which are a rich crimson color are the most valuable. If a ruby appears very dark or light, then it will be considerably cheaper. These stones are cut into various shapes for jewelry. The most popular cuts are ovals and cushions. After diamonds, rubies are the most expensive gem in the world. However, you can still find cheap ones. Low quality, small ones can be found for a few dollars per carat.
The birthstone for October, opals come in three distinct styles: doublet, triplet, and solid opals. The first two types are made up of a thin slice of opal that is then mounted on a black backing. These will cost you a lot less than a solid opal, however, they can be easy to damage. You won’t be able to get a doublet or triplet opal wet, otherwise, it might disintegrate. Solid opals are more expensive, but will last indefinitely. If you want to go all out and buy the most expensive opal on the market, look for a black opal. These are considered the best quality and are extremely rare.
Emeralds can be anywhere between a couple to a few thousand dollars, depending on their quality. There are many factors to consider, but when it comes to emeralds, color is the main one. If an emerald is a rich green, then expect it to be very pricey. The lighter the green is, the cheaper it will be. However, dark green emeralds aren’t always rich in color, so these will be cheaper as well. Ask your jeweler for advice when picking out one of these gemstones.
Hopefully, this guide will help you buy your next awesome piece of jewelry!
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