Unique And Romantic Ways To Propose That She Will Love

Hey guys! Are you looking to pop the big question to your lady? Check out these these unique and romantic proposals that she’ll love! 

Create a scavenger hunt

If your lady enjoys the outdoors, you could create a scavenger hunt. Suggest it as a fun date activity which will put her off the scent and keep it as a surprise. Create a route around your local area that involves clues placed at specific locations that mean a lot to you both. It could be where you first met or where you went on your first date, for instance. Make sure the clues are personal by including inside jokes and memories that will make her smile. This is a beautiful and enjoyable way to propose by taking her down memory lane beforehand.

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Propose on Vacation

Vacations give you the opportunity to escape from your everyday stresses and have some quality time together. Plus, it can provide the perfect backdrop to a proposal! No matter where you decide to go on vacation, there is bound to be some stunning scenery and enjoyable activities that you can utilize. A day on-board a luxury yacht, horseback riding, or exploring caves could all make unique settings for an engagement. The activities will provide you with a fantastic smokescreen and hide your real intentions perfectly.  Just remember to get the Verragio engagement ring insured before you go, for any just in case moments. 

Use your home

If the special lady in your life prefers staying in to going out, why not propose at home? This might seem like a boring option, but you can turn it into something fantastically romantic. Try filling your home with her favorite kind of flowers and cook her favorite meal. And instead of eating at a table, why not use throw pillows and blankets to make it more casual? Light plenty of candles and create a playlist of songs that remind you of special moments in your relationship. It’s a simple way to propose, but it will go a long way.

With these fabulous ideas, the special lady in your life won’t be able to turn you down. So get planning and shop for that incredible ring today.

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