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Major Beauty Decisions You Need to Put Some Thought Into

November 3, 2015

A lot of the day to day style decisions that you and I make are easy to go back on. If you put on a necklace, and it doesn’t work, you can take it off. Slip and leave a line of mascara down your cheek? Never mind, that’s what makeup remover is for. But there are some decisions you can’t reverse. Or, at least, ones that you’re going to have to wait a while to correct. I’m always a little scared of making a change I’ll have to put up with for at least a few months. That’s why you have to trust your hair stylist so much! Before you make any of the decisions below, make sure you put a lot of thought into it.
Messing with Your Eyebrows
Oh man, what girl hasn’t tried to whip her eyebrows into shape and gone a bit too far? It’s a risk we all take when we decide to pluck our brows at home. As we get older, we usually learn to be extra careful. But some of us still end up making rash decisions that we regret. If you make a mistake, you’re stuck with them for at least a few weeks. You don’t want to have to put up with barely-there eyebrows, or none at all, until they finally grow back. Be careful with them, and try not to go further than necessary.
Any Surgery
f there’s one thing that’s a big deal, it’s surgery. It can be a life-changer, but you need to put a lot of thought into it before you go ahead. Before you get that breast augmentation or nose job you’ve always wanted, do lots of research and soul-searching. You need to be sure it’s what you want, because often there’s no undoing it. Once you’ve decided it’s definitely for you, you should be good to go. Just make sure you choose an excellent surgeon who will look after you and your needs.
Piercings and Tattoos
If you get something pierced or have a tattoo, it’s not completely irreversible. You can take piercings out, and many of them heal over. Even tattoos can be covered up or removed using laser removal. However, it could be expensive to get rid of a tattoo, and piercings can leave a scar. Chances are, though, that if you find the right piercer or tattooist, you’ll love your new body art once it’s done. Just think about whether it’s something you’ll want in the future too.
Major Hair Changes
A bad haircut can be devastating, even if it’s what you asked for. In fact, it’s almost worse than when the stylist messes it up. Major hair changes can be altered, but sometimes you’re scared to keep messing with it. Think long and hard before you decide to dye it or get a radical new cut. It’s difficult to know if it will suit you until you do it, but some things are worth the risk. 
Don’t be too scared to try any of these things. Just make sure you’ve given them some thought before you jump in. Taking a risk could be the best thing you do!


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