These Boots are Made for Stealing

When you wear the same size as your mom, sharing clothing is pretty simple. For years, my mom has been borrowing my clothes, shoes, and accessories. Some of these items, I may never see again, but my how the tables have turned. My mom somehow became better at fashion than I am over the past year and now I am the one raiding her closet!

Boots and Flowers

Exhibit A. These fun and fabulous cowboy boots she grabbed at DSW. A few weeks ago I went to my mom’s house and ended up leaving with these boots she purchased just days before my visit. She graciously let me keep them and I offered her visitation rights, but because they are just too cute to share, she decided to purchase another pair.

And as if we didn’t already get the “Are you guys sisters?” question on the regular, now we’re totes adorable shoe twins!

We're Cute

My mom has styled her perfect-for-fall cowboy boots with a denim dress and blanket poncho for a little Southwestern approach. Meanwhile, I chose to keep my traditional “casual cute” vibe and paired the boots with a breezy dress.

Walking and Talking

I would like to thank my totally amazing mother, once again, for letting me keep her cowboy boots! You’re the best! xoxo

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography By Andrea

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous