Workout Motivation

So you may have recently seen me write about gaining motivation to work out. Well, thanks to a little birdie, I was informed of a supplement that can help in a few ways with working out. These include improving confidence and helping to jump start a healthy lifestyle. That supplement is Creatine.

What Does Creatine Do?

  • Creatine makes it possible to push yourself harder during your workouts
  • Creatine allows the body to create more muscle mass as you are able to lift heavier
  • Creatine increases endurance, making it possible to work out longer
  • Creatine will improve your athletic performance in most sports
  • Creatine helps encourage protein manufactured in the body
  • Creatine helps reduce protein breakdown after exercising intensely
  • Creatine helps your body recover from exercise at a faster rate
  • Creatine improves brain function
  • Creatine enhances cellular energy productions, which is linked to bone formation
  • Creatine may improve glucose intolerance, aiding diabetes

I will be taking some creatine, slipping on my Pumas and hitting the track to begin my new workout regimen.

Run the track

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