Current Obsession: Peep Toe Booties

Who doesn’t love finding a great pair of shoes? When I realized peep to booties were all the rage, I knew I had to have a pair…or two!

Peep toe booties are the perfect shoe for chilly to warm weather. Living in Michigan, it is sometimes difficult to find the right footwear to match the quickly-changing weather here. With peep toe booties, you get the coverage you need to keep your feet warm but at the same time, you get the skin exposure you crave when the weather heats up.

This black pair of peep toe booties came from H&M and are the perfect hight with a fabulous chunky heel that accentuates my legs, but doesn’t hurt my feet either. That’s all you need in a shoe, right?!


This cream pair of peep toe booties came from and are perfectly light and dainty in color but add some sexy edge with a slightly higher, chunky heel. Pair these babies with a dress or jeans and you have the perfect outfit.


Thank you shoe gods for giving us peep toe booties!



Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea *Special art direction by Anne Marie Coleman*

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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