For Men: You’re Welcome

Survey says, most guys don’t like shopping. So here’s the perfect solution to looking stylish without having to actually shop: SprezzaBox!

SprezzaBox Logo

SprezzaBox is an online shopping tool for men that takes the guess work out of fashion and grooming. So how does this awesome little box work? Simply sign up for your monthly membership. Around the 10th of each month, a SprezzaBox will be delivered to your doorstep containing several high quality accessories and grooming items. Everything in the box is yours to keep and will have a retail value much greater than $28. Wear the items and get a ton of compliments! Billed on the 1st. Shipped on the 5th. Dapper on the 10th. Each item in the box is chosen based on the seasons, current fashion trends and most importantly the quality.


Fun fact:

Why the name SprezzaBox…

Sprezza             \spret-sa \


(Slang)  Dapper or stylish, without [seemingly] trying.

Origin:  Italian

Recently trending as popular slang, especially in world of fashion and style, Sprezza is short for Sprezzatura.

Visit for more info or to sign up and start getting your fashion-filled boxes!

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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