Holiday Nail Art

Tis the season for fun Christmas nail art!

During my nightly Pinterest browsing, I picked out my top 5 favorite holiday nail art creations. And sharing is caring so here they are:

Snowflake Nails 

Snowflake Nails

Add a little glitter and these snowflake nails are sure to sparkle. How fun?

Snowman Nails 

Snowman Nail Art

As a fan of hearts, I instantly melted for this adorable snowman mani!

Christmas Tree Nails 

Christmas Tree Nails

So fancy! These Christmas Tree nails are super fun and easy to create.

 Snowman Nails

Snowman Nails

A simple holiday staple, this snowman nail art will bring fun and creativity to nails.

*Follow my Instagram as I share my attempts at recreating some of this fun holiday nail art!*

Which will you try?

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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