What I Wore: Shopping Secrets Edition

Jeans and boyfriend tees are perfect, easy pieces for fall days. Plus, boyfriend tees and jeans can also be paired with adorable trench coats for warmth and style. Check out how I styled this weekend afternoon ensemble. And you’ll never guess where I got my khaki polka dot trench – the little girl’s section at Target! 

Target Kids Trench Coat

That’s right! Ladies, don’t be afraid to get bargains in sections of your favorite stores like the little girls, juniors or even men’s departments. My secret shopping tip is to shop for pieces like coats or sweaters in these various sections in sizes Large or XL. Chances are they will be cheaper than adult size garments, too. This girl’s jacket from Target was only $24 where something like this would have been at least $40 in the adult section.

Target Kids Polka Dot Trench Coat

Pink Kate Spade Bag

I decided to play with prints with my Target camo flats and the Polka Dot Trench and added my little Kate Spade bag for a pop of color. Have you ever shopped in another department for clothes?

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*



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