Shopping with Boys for Shoes

Who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes? Women love them, men love them; and a great shoe can do wonders for your feet, legs and ensemble. Now with spring finally here (hopefully it actually feels like it soon) it’s time to get more creative with your footwear.

I recently went shopping with my fave, Cam, and we ended up in Journeys. Let me start off by saying, I’m no stranger to Journeys but if you’re looking for a great spring time shoe and you’re a fan of the versatility and boldness of Converse and/or Vans, Journeys is the place you want to be!

Although men can have a thing for shoes, I know shopping isn’t always your favorite thing. When shopping for shoes this spring and summer, keep in mind your daily activities, and style preference of course.

For example, Cam is a business owner so he is frequently on his feet but he’s also a young Detroiter who enjoys nights out with friends. Knowing this, he was drawn to a pair of Supras and a pair of Vans.

Cam's shoes

The Supras bring maximum comfort as well as fit in with his personal style.

Blue Canvas Supras
The Vans, while not as comfortable as the Supras, bring a level of sophistication that can be dressed up or dressed down for business meetings or parties with friends.

Tan Canvas Vans
In the end, Cam chose the Supras but considered going back for the Vans. You can never have too many shoes!

Why types of shoes do you love?

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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