5 Ways to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Tired of chipped nails and peeling polish? Here are a 5 tips to try to help your nail polish last longer.

Use a base coat: The base coat serves as a primer and goes on once the nails are stripped of the previous polish. Buff and file nails for best results, apply a layer of base coat, then nail polish.

Use a top coat: A great top coat seals the deal and ultimately leaves your nails with a shiny finish. The top coat covers the nail polish allowing the color to stay on just a little bit longer.

Nouveau Purple by Sinful Colors

Nouveau Purple by Sinful Colors

Use quality nail polish: There are expensive nail polishes that last but there are also cheap nail polishes that last! You just need to find the price point you want and the polish brands that work best for you. Here are a few of my favorite nail polish brands and the price points. I have found each polish listed below can last 4 days with no chips.

  • Sinful Colors $1.99
  • Forever 21 $2.89
  • Essie $7.99
  • China Glaze $6.79
  • Avon $6.00

Manage your layers: When painting your nails, be sure to apply the polish in thin layers. Thick layers can lead to clumping and peeling, so take your time with the brush strokes. Don’t be afraid to discard of any extra polish from the brush.

Nail polish pile

Take biotin: Biotin is a vitamin that works to grow hair and nails. It will help the increase the length of your nails but also work to strengthen your nail bends. Strong nails means a better palate for painting! Biotin can be purchased at any neighborhood store.

What other tips do you have to keep your nail polish long-lasting?

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