Detroit’s Best Dressed Men

There are very few fashion events in the Detroit, MI area that are centered solely around men’s fashion but the Modern Man Showcase and Best Dressed Contest presented by Presence II Productions effortlessly showcases the outstanding style of Detroit’s males.

In it’s third year, The Modern Man Showcase is put on as a prelude to Michigan F.A.S.H Fest. This year’s event presented men’s garments from Wooden Hangers, The Broadway and Henry the Hatter – three iconic Detroit and Metro Detroit retailers.

The night began with looks styled by Cerra E Styles highlighting daytime men’s apparel with a chic, casual feel from Wooden Hangers, then transitioned into sophisticated nighttime wear with pieces by The Broadway and Henry the Hatter.

Pics from Shelly Herbert 007Pics from Shelly Herbert 009Pics from Shelly Herbert 018

Possibly the most eventful portion of the night though, was the best dressed contest. A unique tradition for the event, men who deem themselves stylish are able to enter the contest to win bragging rights and a fabulous prize package. The contestant’s looks were judged by a reputable panel of judges including Hoda Salameh of StyleLine Magazine, BJ Hammerstein a Detroit Free Press writer, Tony Stovall owner of Hot Sams, Kyle Matthews of Janet Davis Cleaners, and last year’s winner Mr. Reginald Holden.

Judging criteria:

  • Neatness
  • Creativity
  • Color/patterns
  • Unexpected pairings
Winner Nelson and Judge Hoda

Winner Nelson and Judge Hoda

Last year's winner, founder Leslie and this year's winner

Last year’s winner, founder Leslie and this year’s winner

The winner of the best dressed contest was Nelson Sanders in a preppy ensemble featuring bold colors and patterns.

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5 thoughts on “Detroit’s Best Dressed Men

  1. Fantastic! Thank YOU so much for the recap of the Promo event for The Modern Man Showcase and Best Dressed Contest! stay tuned for the spring time Beauty and Trend Showcase called The “Reveal”! Then in September with be the Runway Industry Showcase and The Premiere Fine Art Festival.
    Leslie Ann Pilling
    CEO and Founder of Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest LLC.

    The whole year long platform is a P.R. campaign for Business’ to collaboration
    and “Show and Tell” their Brand! INTERESTED…! call 248 763-8581

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