Lotion vs Body Butter

Body butter vs lotion: In my opinion, lotion is good for everyday use but body butter is great for maintaining soft skin. Lotion of course moisturizes and softens skin but body butter works to effectively lock in moisture for a longer lasting period.

Have you put on lotion and hours later you feel dry again? Well when body butter is applied to the skin, you’ll notice a difference. A good difference that will leave you moisturized the entire day.


So with that being said, I was very excited to receive lemongrass body butter from The Natural Market Detroit as a gift. (Thanks, Cam!) This lemongrass body butter is made with 100% natural ingredients and smells incredibly delightful! When I put it on I find myself randomly touching my skin because it leaves me so soft.

The Natural Market body butter came in a gift set so I also got exfoliating gloves and calm essential oil therapy multipurpose spray. Using the exfoliating gloves then sealing the deal with the lemongrass body butter feels fabulous.


I certainly recommend all my Detroit peeps to check out The Natural Market downtown. And for those of you outside of Michigan, you can shop online too. All of the products at The Natural Market Detroit are handmade with natural ingredients.

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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