Weekday Warrior Pants for Men

I was recently introduced to an online clothing store for men called Bonobos. Bonobos offers well-fitting, well-crafted clothing including men’s shirts, men’s pants, men’s suits and more. I personally love the style of the clothing selection at Bonobos.com but I was instantly drawn to a particular pant – Weekday Warriors.

Weekend Warrior Pants

So guys, let me fill you in on the Bonobos Weekday Warrior pant:

1. They’re hassle-free.
Thanks to an innovative fabric treatment, you don’t have to iron these premium cotton dress pants. Just hang them out of the dryer, and they’ll be ready to go straight from the closet.

2. They fit like a charm.
The Bonobos curved waistband conforms to the natural shape of your waist. These pants don’t have the saggy extra fabric that plagues most dress pants.

3. They have 12 colors to choose from.
The Weekday Warriors come in a wide range of office-friendly colors. In fact, they have the day of the week embroidered in the waistband. If you like, you can get a pair for every day of your work week!

4. You can wear them on the weekends, too.
They may be designed for the office, but that doesn’t mean you have to take them off come Friday night. Their sleek, dressy appearance makes them the perfect accompaniment to your favorite blazer or button-down. They truly can do it all.

Pants in the park
You can get your Weekday Warriors at bonobos.com.

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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