My Style Crush Monday

In honor of the coming Winter Olympic Games, my style crush this week is Team USA! In recent years, Team USA uniforms have been quite drab if you ask me. And even though the athletes have been cautioned to only wear the uniforms in secured areas in Sochi, the Ralph Lauren-designed sweaters are both stylish and a great representation of the US Olympic Team.

Team USA Uniforms

The pattern is loud and the colors are bold. It’s also a unisex sweater adding versatility. Also included: a cream cotton turtleneck sweater, white fleece athletic pants, black leather boots with red laces, a cotton belt, reindeer hat, and mittens with the word “Gold” stitched on one palm. And to tackle the scrutiny of last season’s Olympic uniforms, this year’s were actually handmade in America.

Ralph Lauren 2014

Non-Olympians can purchase this uniform at Ralph Lauren and the official retail website of Team USA. 100% of the proceeds will go to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

What do you think of Team USA’s Olympic uniforms?

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


One thought on “My Style Crush Monday

  1. Sorry, but I’m thinking this sweater is an interesting idea that has gone horribly holiday sweater awry. “Polo” shouldn’t be plastered on the front either. I think the hat looks cute.

    Have you seen the peacoat? Love it, except for the polo-player on his horse embroidered logo. Ralph comes off looking like a publicity whore with his name or logo so prominently displayed on everything.

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