Magazine Nails Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to get nails straight from the pages of Elle Magazine? Ok, so it’s not as dramatic as it sounds but I love how fun magazine nails look and the technique is so simple.

To obtain magazine nails you will need:

  • A magazine
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish (nude or white and a top coat)
  • A cup of water (I kept it classy with a shot glass 😉 )


Step 1:

Cut up a few pages out of a magazine. You can use words or patterns to apply to your nail.

Step 2:

Paint your nails and make sure they are completely dry before the magazine is applied. I prefer using nude or white polish so the ink from the magazine transfers clearly.

Step 3;

Dip a magazine cut out in water and place it over your nail face down. Press hard on your nail for about 15 seconds so that the print fully transfers.


Step 4:

Remove the magazine strip and wipe off any excess ink with water. Apply a clear top coat and that’s it!



I opted to only apply the magazine to my “fashion nail” and added a midi ring for pizzazz but don’t be afraid to use the magazine nails technique on all of your nails.

Have you ever tried magazine nails?

Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

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