Plaid 3 Ways

Plaid is timeless. Plaid is fun. Plaid is fabulous! Because plaid/flannel is a winter staple and extremely versatile, I decided to use one shirt and wear it three ways. Check out my indoor looks below (because it’s colder than an Eskimo’s toosh outside!)

Plaid and Animal Print

Plaid and Animal Print


Plaid is fun and animal print is my favorite so I decided to pair the two for an easy causal Friday look.

Weekend Plaid

Weekend Plaid

Weekends are for hanging out and errand running so I slipped into this relaxed look for a simple Saturday.

Cocktail Hour Plaid

Cocktail Hour Plaid


As mentioned before, I love the combination of plaid and leather! So with that, I created a sophisticated look for a chic night out.

How do you like to wear your plaid and flannel?

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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