How to Keep Skin Hydrated in the Winter

Next time you go to the spa, skip the massage and go for the full body scrub. A friend and I were awarded gift cards to the Motor City Casino and Hotel spa, D. Tour Spa, and decided to get body scrubs rather than a massage or facial. And let me tell you, we are extremely pleased with the results!

D. Tour Spa Robe

The body scrub works to hydrate and soften skin leaving your body smooth and glisteny. It has been almost a week  since the body scrub was applied at D. Tour Spa and my skin is still touchably soft and extremely less try.

How it works:

  1. A brush is taken to the body to remove dead skin. At D. Tour Spa at least, your entire body including arms, legs, back, stomach, breasts and butt are included in the scrub. Let your technician know if you would like to opt out of any areas.
  2. Once the outer layer of dead, dry skin is removed, the scrub is then applied. The scrub acts as an intense exfoliant and is rubbed into the skin generously.
  3. After the scrub is fully applied to the body, it is removed in a shower. The technician exists the room so that you may comfortably remove the scrub in the shower.
  4. After removing the scrub in the shower, a body butter is applied to the skin. This final step locks in moisture and ensures a soft glisten to your skin.

Spa Selfies

The benefits of a body scrub:
I personally suffer from “combination skin”. My face gets oily while my body can become extremely dry. The D. Tour body scrub tremendously revived my skin, especially since it’s dry skin season.

Have you ever had a full body scrub?

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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