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Best Bronzer: Golden Goddess

November 19, 2013

Beauty fact about me: I don’t wear makeup. But that has now changed since I finally made my first real makeup purchase! I own a tube of mascara and in high school I wore eye shadow for homecoming and prom but other than that, I’ve donned a makeup-less face for most of my life. So what changed? The fact that I get an awesome discount on cosmetics and my coworkers suggested I start wearing bronzer.
My discount comes with Purely Pro Cosmetics, a proud Michigan business making high quality cosmetics comparable to MAC.
Purely Pro Bronzer
Purely Pro history: Margery Krevsky founded Purely Pro Cosmetics, a division of Productions Plus-The Talent Shop, a national talent agency. In 2005 Margery began formulating the line for professional models and talent who were looking for a superior quality makeup line that would last under the long days and intense demands of bright lights and showroom floors.  Based on feedback from some of the toughest critics in the industry, the result is a line of mineral and classic makeup designed with the latest cutting edge technology and purest ingredients to last and enhance.
Another fact about me, I love to tan! My grandma always tells me I don’t need to tan because I was born with a “natural tan” but what grandma doesn’t understand is that I love that sun-kissed glow! Of course living in Michigan I can’t lay out whenever I please so my options are tanning booths and spray tans. And we all know the harmful side effects of tanning booths and spray tans can get pricey so my lovely coworkers suggested I just start wearing bronzer. I took them up on that suggestion and recently purchased a Purely Pro bronzer called Golden Goddess. Because I am not a makeup kinda girl I wanted to make sure it looked completely natural and it certainly does. It also gives a matte finish that makes my skin look smooth.

Left: no bronzer Right: bronzer

Left: no bronzer Right: bronzer

Golden Goddess by Purely Pro offers the right amount of bronze without looking too heavy or painted on. I am still new to makeup so I have much to learn but so far I very much enjoy this brozer to give me a little bit of a tan! And did I mention Purely Pro products are hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, and they carry vegan brushes?
Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Check out Purely Pro Cosmetics for this Golden Goddess bronzer and more here.
What are your favorite makeup products?
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