How to Shop on eBay

If there is one thing I want readers to take away from this post it is to never, ever underestimate the power of eBay! eBay is like a one-stop internet shop with a very extensive fashion section.  I find myself perusing my eBay iPhone app at least once a week for clothes, shoes and accessories at great prices. There is so much to be found on eBay; so much quality at seriously unbeatable prices. I recently purchased six NEW hats for $16 – total! Now tell me that’s not a fabulous deal.

Cute and comfy knit hats purchased on eBay

Cute and comfy knit hats purchased on eBay

In case you are now inspired you to take a gander at eBay, here are some tips for shopping eBay for clothes, shoes and accessories:

Use search terms. eBay favors Google as items are generated based on a search term. Say you are looking for a new pair of black booties. Type in “black booties” and options will be generated based on gender, size etc. You will find both new and used items on eBay, however, I do recommend purchasing new items rather than used.

Go for the items with free shipping. You may find those perfect black booties but two different sellers are offering the same shoe but at different prices. My suggestion – go for the shoes with free shipping. Many sellers include a shipping cost to their items but there are others who kindly offer free shipping. This way you get more bang for your buck!

Blue suede shoes purchased on eBay.

Blue suede shoes purchased on eBay

Watch your items. When shopping on eBay, there are some items that can be purchased real-time but there are others that require bidding.  If you choose to bid on an item, which is sometimes the cheaper route,  request to “Watch” the item. Watching an item is pretty much like keeping tabs on the auction bidding. And while It is not guaranteed that you will win, you can up your chances by not making a final bid until about 2-5 minutes are left on the bidding clock.

Purchase from top sellers. Top sellers are those who have been given gold star ratings from customers. When you purchase from an eBay top seller, you know you will be getting a legitimate purchasing experience and quality product. eBay top sellers are indicated with a top sellers badge.

Lover snapback purchased on eBay

Lover snapback purchased on eBay

And just remember, whatever you’re looking for 9 times out of 10 you can find it on eBay!

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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