Accessorize your Top Knot

Top knots became quite popular a few years ago and have hung around in the beauty industry as one of the best go-to hairstyles. I personally throw up a top knot when I am limited on time or don’t really feel like curling or straightening my hair. It’s so easy!

Because top knots work on any hair length from short hair, medium hair and long hair to any hair texture from thin hair, thick hair or curly hair, it’s no wonder top knots are a great go-to hair style for all. But have you ever considered spicing up your top knot with hair accessories? I was rummaging through a drawer and found this cute purple bow and decided to add it to my do. It adds a perfect feminine touch and enhances the look of the top knot.

Accessorize your top knot

Accessorize your top knot

Put a bow on it!

Put a bow on it!

What other hair accessories have you tried with your top knot?

P.S. This post was inspired by the Top Knot Queen, my Sister from another Mister, Raven! In our friendship circle she’s known for rocking the perfect top knot day and night. I miss her top knots and smiling face while she’s achieving her dreams in Chicago ❤

Me and Raven

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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