What I Wore

Today felt like a good day to share my look so here we go, this is what I wore

Black peplum shirt

Just another day in the neighbor! I’m wearing an ensemble with a little bit of edge that’s sleek but fun. And in case you were wondering, here’s a little history behind the outfit:

I got the hat for my 90s themed birthday party. I was going to go for a Boy George kinda vibe but Kelly Kapowski suited me a little better. As for the shorts, bright colors excite me. I have also found that colors like this bright yellow (or maybe they are green?) really bring out my tan. If you don’t know, now you know – I love to tan! Last but not least, my cuff bracelet was a Christmas present from my mom. She ordered it online at www.bellaecienna.com. Lots of cool accessories there! Full outfit details below.

What I wore

what i  wore accesories

There you have it. That’s what I wore!

Black peplum-esque top: Forever 21

Neon shorts: Forver 21

Ankle strap sandal heels: Zara

Ring: Forever 21

Hat: Forever 21

Leopard cuff bracelet: Bella Ecienna

*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*


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