Nail Tips You Can Use

No matter if you have browsed F.A.B Cocktail or know me personally, you are sure to learn I LOVE NAIL POLISH! As a result, I have learned a few nail tips and tricks on my nail polish/nail art journey that I would like to share.

China Glaze Mint Nail Polish

Tip 1: Water Your Nails

OK, so your nails aren’t plants and watering them won’t make them grow (I don’t think) but holding them under cold water for about 30 seconds can speed up nail polish drying time. For whatever scientific reason, water reacts to nail polish by making it solid and dry. Now don’t finish painting your nails and immediately run to the sink. They must air dry momentarily before water can work its true magic. Water on freshly painted nails can cause smudging and we don’t want that!

Tip 2: Wash Your Nails

This is a weird one but I discovered recently that it actually works. We’ve all had that nail polish color that seeps into our nails and stains them – like a dark purple or deep blue. But don’t worry. Remove the nail polish as you normally would with nail polish remover and if any color remains, use soap, water and a wash cloth to scrub your nails and remove the color stain. It’s easy and leaves your nails super clean.

Tip 3: Freeze Your Nails

I saved this tip for last because not everyone loves the cold but this is actually my personal favorite nail tip. If you are looking for alternate ways to dry nails faster, stick them in the freezer! Unlike nail tip number one, you don’t have to wait to stick your hands in the freezer. Right after your nails are painted, scurry to the kitchen and hang out by the freezer for 2-5 minutes and your nails will be completely dry!

*The photo above features Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze; because mint is a fabulous color trend!*


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