Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I will get right to it. I love to shop and search to find new things; and I love even more when new things find me! The following is a list of the top 5 beauty products that I can’t imagine living without from this day forward.

Mary Kay Lip Mask

Mary Kay Lip Mask

As you may know exfoliating is an important part of keeping skin looking and feeling healthy but did you know it is just as important to exfoliate your lips as it is to exfoliate your skin? Yup! A friend of mine was selling Mary Kay products for a while and suggested I try satinlips, Mary Kay’s lip mask/exfoliating rub. Gently apply the mask to your lips, let it sit for 1-2 minutes and remove with warm water and paper towel or wash cloth. This process gets rid of the dead, dry skin on your lips leaving them super smooth. I love this stuff especially topped off with a good lip balm!

Pantine Pro-V Sculpting Wax

Pantine Prov

So…I haven’t told or shown many people but I got a bad hair cut a few weeks ago. Never get impulse bangs. Ever! I simply hate mine and am currently taking biotin pills daily to help my hair grow back faster. Please pray for my hair’s speedy recovery. Anyhow, to keep the bangs looking somewhat decent I decided to try sculpting them into place with Pantine Pro-V Sculpting Wax. This texturizing sculpting wax helps secure my bangs and it also smells really good, like shampoo! I have found that it helps keep curls in place as well.



I won’t bore you with another personal story but in sum, I was referred to the owner of AcheAway as the company was in need of my professional services. I was given a sample of the product and was honestly instantly amazed! Acheaway is a pain reliever made with natural ingredients including mineral water from the Michigan Basin located in Mt. Clemens, MI. The water is estimated to be over 600 million years old and filled with 34 natural minerals. It has proven to take away aches and pains of many real and satisfied customers and now me.  I used the gel rub (there are other products including massage oil and bath soak) when I was experiencing menstrual cramps and within a short time the pain was gone and I had no more cramps the duration of my cycle. Wowza!

German Foot cream

Foot rub

I know I wasn’t supposed to bore you with another story but I can’t help it. During the preparation for an ERollins Group (Michigan-based Fashion Marketing Firm) event in November called Styles In the City I was seeking sponsors. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT contacted me noting the company would be happy to become a sponsor and supply all of our models and guests with samples. I was a little apprehensive as it would be foot cream at a fashion event but they won me over. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT gives feet a cooling sensation all while it works to smooth rough, dry feet. It’s great in the winter and even better in the summer when feet are constantly exposed. And I recently learned it is sold at Nordstrom.

Sinful Colors & love&beauty

Sinful Colors and Forever 21 Nail Polish

“I love when I find a quality product that’s less than $5,” said everyone! Sinful Colors and love&beauty, Forever 21’s nail polish brand, are quality nail polishes that, in my opinion, are as just as good as China Glaze and Esse. You can find Sinful Colors at Walgreen for just $1.99 and love&beauty at Forever 21 stores for just $2.80. The colors of each brand are always bold, high quality and last days without chipping.

There you have it: the top 5 beauty  products I can’t live without! What products are you addicted to?


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