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Split Perso-Nail-Ity

April 10, 2013

You may recall about a month ago I tried China Glaze Tranzitions nail polish. I enjoyed the color but I was not jumping up and down about the results after it was applied. However, I said I would try other colors because I thought I would be more impressed. I was…..correct! Ding! Ding! Ding!
I bought Split Perso-Nail-Ity, a dusty pink color; at work (two cheers for my discount!) and it looks super cool on my nails.
Pink Tranzitions Polish
Split Person-Nail-Ity offers more of a noticeable color transition. And once again, all that was needed was a clear top coat. I plan on experimenting with more intricate designs and incorporating my other China Glaze Tranzitions color, Shape Shifter to see what cool nail art I can come up with.
China Glaze Tranzitions

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