A Hairy Life: Keratin Treatment

Before I dive in, please forgive me for not providing a complete series of before and after photos. I was half way through my hair process before I decided I would share my hair routine. So unfortunately I didn’t snap all the pics. But I wanted to share this post because I get a lot of questions about my hair. Hope this helps! 🙂

Me with permed hair in 2009

Me with permed hair in 2009

My hair is super thick and almost 5 years perm-free! I got my first keratin treatment two years ago and I was beyond thrilled with the results. Having very thick hair, the treatment helped with the maintenance, texture and growth. I have had two treatments so far and I got the last one in September last year. Although the affects of the treatment are only supposed to last 6 months I have seen a significant change in my hair long after the treatment grew out. My hair is overall healthier and much longer than Pre-keratin days. I intend on getting another treatment mid-April to last me through the summer when I love it most because of the humidity. Btw, my stylist Lisa at Aqua Salon in Royal Oak (she’s a doll!) uses Keratin Complex on my hair.

My hair washing process takes about two hours. I first shampoo and condition with Keratin Therapy ($8 at Walgreens). After I shampoo, I let the conditioner sit for about 5 mins then wash out. When I’m done in the shower, I sit around for about 15 mins to let my hair air dry a bit. I never towel dry because that just creates more frizz. After the 15 mins is up, I brush out my hair. Since I don’t have a visual, just think giant poof ball!

Depending on the condition of my hair before the wash, I rub in a bit of argon oil. For example, if my hair and scalp were a bit dry before washing, I use the oil before I blow dry. Otherwise I add it before I flat iron. I got my Mirage Moroccan Oil from work and I love it. You can find it at BigDaddyBeauty.commoroccan oil

Next step is to blow dry my hair but I will admit, I’m not very good at it. I get hot and my arms get tired because of the thickness. Kudos to those who have been able to tame the wild beast and get my hair a lot straighter after a blow out. This time, though, I actually didn’t do so bad. It has been much bigger!

Hair after blow drying

Hair after blow drying

I used to use a titanium straightener by Helen of Troy because Lisa mentioned titanium flat irons work well on keratin treated hair. To maintain the straightness, keratin treated hair requires high heat which titanium straighteners have. They can reach 500 degree settings but the materials used in the plates work against terrible hair damage. However, I got conned into buying one of those middle of the mall kiosk flat irons one day while perusing Twelve Oaks Mall. Although it cost a pretty penny ($150 at the mall but $250 on the website) it was worth it because I like the way it straightens my hair and my other flat ironed actually stopped working about a month after I got the new one. The flat iron is use is a Royale and it was apparently one of Oprah’s “favorite things”.

hair tools

This one gets super hot like the Titanium flat iron so I rock a glove Michael Jackson style when I’m styling my hair. I have  burned a finger before!

I don’t do the best job on my hair as a professional but I try. Me doing my own hair may not save time but it certainly saves money – that I use for shoes. So here is the final product. Please excuse my ends! I’m due for a trim.

The after         So there you have it! Feel free to comment if you have any questions! Back of my hair


2 thoughts on “A Hairy Life: Keratin Treatment

    • Thank you! I like to rub the oil into my scalp and then throughout my hair. My scalp gets dry sometimes so it helps to keep it moisturized. And then it also adds a really nice shine and a softer texture to my hair.

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