The J. Scott Project

You may remember me mentioning one of my dearest and best friends before. His name is Justin Spade and he is not only a great friend, inspiration and well, my #1 Fashion B*tch; Justin is also a fashion blogger and now… a FASHION DESIGNER!

J. Scott Project 1

Since I have known Justin, we have always bonded over our love of fashion. We have been able to attend fashion week together, meet some of our favorites in the fashion industry together and even start a blog together (a blog project called JuMo – we let our busy lives get in the way of that one). We have also supported each other on other individual fashion related projects, and I am so proud that Justin’s dream is coming to fruition. For years Justin has been toying with the idea of creating a fashion line and he was recently presented with an opportunity here in Michigan (with an amazing organization you will hear more about from me in the near future) to show a few pieces. Well, one thing has led to another and Justin will be designing an entire collection!

I have the great privilege of being an insider on the project, getting to see design sketches and fabric choices for the collection and I am more than excited to see the finished product! But with everything, there comes the need for funds. As a result, Justin has created a Go Fund Me account in order to fully fund the project and make his design dreams a reality.  I am a HUGE supporter of Justin and would love for you guys to become supporters too. Check out his Go Fund Me page here to learn more about the J. Scott Project, the collection and his goals. You can also catch up on the progress of the project here.

A preview of a piece in the collection

A preview of a piece in the collection

Whether it’s $1, $500 or some words of encouragement, your support would mean A LOT to Justin!

*Insider secret: The collection will feature bright, patterned materials and draw influence from the place he now calls home – New York City!


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