The Best Fashion Apps

The tech savvy days we live in keep us glued to our iPhones, Andorids, iPads and tablets. So what’s a fashion got to do with it? Fashion apps! Fashion apps are great resources and awesome sources of entertainment (but you already know that). And while there are hundreds of fashion apps available, of course you’re going to want the best of the best. Here is a list of some of my personal favorite apps that you may want to download. (Candid app screenshots below) Derived from the website, this app gives you the most up-to-date fashion news including its most trusted and interesting feature, fashion show images. The team travels the world at fashion shows in order to give its readers and app users some of the best designer collection images out there.

Mr. Porter: Mr. Porter is the epitome of the perfect men’s style destination. Also coming from a website, the Mr. Porter app offers men impeccable style tips, shopping tips, and anything men’s fashion related you can think of. This app mixes classic with fresh. It’s great for men with current style, men looking to become stylish or women who just love men’s fashion.

Pose: Pose is a fashion app that does what it says. It lets you pose! On pose, fashion lovers can upload their best poses whether it’s a mirror shot, photo shoot or one of those cute “caught off guard” shots. Basically, the point is to showcase your outfit. If instagram and Pinterest had a love child, Pose would be the product as it allows users to upload, like, share and follow fashionistas with great poses and style.

Polyvore: You may all know the website Polyvore, the greatest place to create outfit looks and mini mood boards, but it’s finally offered in app form! The Polyvore app works just like the website where you are able to once again like, share and create outfit looks based on garments that can be purchased all over the internet. This app is great if you are looking for outfit ideas or just want to shop well styled looks and seek fashion inspiration.

Fashion Story: Fashion Story is the perfect app for grownups with youthful spirits. Fashion Story is much like the popular app Bakery Story in that it is a game where players build and manage a virtual clothing store. It’s a quite fun game and allows you to use your interests in fashion and even interior design to score some high points.

Fashion Terms: Although it’s the only app on the list that isn’t free (it costs 99 cents to download) Fashion Terms is a very helpful app for aspiring designers, stylists and even bloggers.The Fashion Terms app is a fashion lover’s dictionary as popular fashion terms, garments, accessories and textiles are offered with photos and descriptions.

Social Bliss: Simply put, Social Bliss is Pinterest with only fashion! You’ll see a few beauty inserts here and there but Social Bliss was created for the girl, or guy who lives for fashion. You are able to interact just like Pinterest leaving comments, loving photos and re-posting  You won’t find yummy recipes or nifty arts and crafts project ideas here – just fashion.

Vine: Vine is a unique new video app that allows you to create 7 second videos using a stop motion feature. Although Vine isn’t just for fashion, using it for fashion reasons is pretty cool. For example, I used it a lot during NYFW and I also like using it at work to feature my favorite nail polishes. Vine proves you can be creative in 7 seconds. *This is currently one of my favorite apps and I highly recommend using it. For new users, great accounts to follow are: Huffington Post Style, Lucky Magazine and me 🙂 (username: Jess Noel)*

the best fashion apps


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