Rihanna Fails at Fashion Design

Let’s take a moment to discuss Rihanna’s collection for River Island. Now I love me some RiRI, even though I think she’s crying out for a hug and Jesus, but she should seriously stick to singing and creating media frenzies with Chris Brown.

When I found out Rihanna was collaborating with British clothing brand River Island (kind of like the love child of H&M and ASOS), I was expecting something like sportswear meets couture. Even though she’s not the most fashionable celeb out there she still has a decent sense of style. So, perhaps with the right people behind her the collection could have been super fab. Unfortunately the collection was anything but. Seriously, it looks like a first year fashion student’s semester-end project. It’s literally insulting to look at.

Rihanna River Island

The collection is all about the clothes the singer would wear, which I get but the collection is poorly made, poorly styled and the models may have made it even worse. The poor girls look like they were snatched up from the mall, thrown into a makeup chair and plopped on the “runway”. Nothing about the collection is put together and as one fashion critic said, it looks like “a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.” The pieces are ill-fitting and awkwardly cut.

The ONLY piece in the collection that is decent looking and possibly the most wearable are a pair of floral print cropped pants. But even then, only a certain body type could pull them off.

Rihanna For River Island - Photocall - LFW F/W 2013

Watch the full show below.

God bless you, Rihanna. God bless you.


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